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Latest update: 21/12/2021 11:04:52

Kurosawa Lace Co.,Ltd.

Knitted lace curtains made using raschel machines

We are a lace curtain manufacturer. We are capable of integrated production from weaving fabric from yarn to fabric finishing and shipping. We make many prototypes and produce new products with materials that have the functions required for window treatment.

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Typical processing
Preparation processing for feeding warp yarn to the loom with uniform tension.
This is the first process of producing fabric with uniform tension, so quality control is very strict.

This is the process of setting the warped yarn on the knitting needles one by one in order to put them on the loom.
This process is done entirely by hand, not by machine.

This is the process where the yarn is actually turned into fabric.
A loop is made with the yarn, the yarn is passed through the loop, a loop is made again, and so on.
Raschel weaves
Raschel machines can express a wide variety of patterns in the fabric itself.
This makes it suitable for the production of fabrics with complex designs, such as for interior and clothing applications.
Here are just a few examples of what raschel machines can do.

[Chain stitch]
Chain stitch is the basic stitch for almost all fabrics, without which knitting would be impossible.

This is a fabric consisting of yarns that move in two different directions from the chain stitch.

This is a structure consisting of yarns that move in one different direction from the chain stitch.

This is a structure consisting of adjoining chain stitches intertwined with each other.

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