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Latest update: 25/09/2019 11:08:37

R&D Corporation

We offer value-added service through ideas and the latest technology

Our operation includes a broad range of fields such as product design, industrial design, prototype making, die production, plastic molding, assembly, and production control. We can also adjust our framework to handle specific necessary operations and to assist customers in their product development activities. 

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business outline, and characteristics
We have extensive operations, including product planning, industrial design, product design, prototype making, die production, plastic molding, mass production, and production control. Our experienced staff provide quick and satisfying services at a reasonable cost, using 3D CAD. Product planning, graphic design, data creation, industrial design, and product design services are conducted by internal staff. 3D measurement, electric design, small-lot production, prototype making, and die and molding services are provided through cooperation with partner companies. 
Product/technology outline 
Graphic design: Control panels, packages, icons, and logos
Industrial design: Design sketches, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, and design drawings
3D measurement: Shape testing, polygon data creation, CAD data creation, and CAE analysis
Electric and electronic design: Hardware design, electronic circuit design, microchip design, and prototype making

Our past product development projects include electric appliances, communication terminals, registers, copying machines, light printers, amusement equipment, measurement devices, audio devices, electronic musical instruments, and medical equipment. 
About business matching
Our company has focused on industrial design and product design businesses, in which we could deliver results in making dies and plastic moldings even in other countries. This was done by applying the technologies and know-how we have gained over the years. With the support of J-GoodTech, we hope to offer optimal solutions to expand and thrive overseas and to leap forward further. 

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