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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:32

Maronie Technical Institute Co., Ltd.

The company, as a university-originated venture, enables the development of technology that cannot be swept away by the stream of times.

We focus on photocatalytic technology and provide solutions from the viewpoint of the end user.

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Introduction of business content and product/technology overviews
Business content/characteristics
Utilizing technology that is used in filterless disinfecting air cleaners allows for the decomposition and removal of VOC gases such as ammonia. Moreover, this process does not produce harmful ozone or need filter changes, which contributes to our energy-saving society. Its cylindrical structure gives it high light reflection and photocatalyst efficiency. The performance of the photocatalyst titanium oxide plate does not degrade, and its lifespan is semipermanent. The photocatalyst titanium oxide plate, which is called Eco Titania, was jointly developed with Nippon Steel.
Overview of main products and technologies
Sterilizing air cleaners that use photocatalytic titanium dioxide: Reboot Air RA-04 Type, RA-02 Type, and RA-01T Type. Our sterilizing air cleaners break down and remove contaminants such as VOC gas, bacteria, and viruses using active ions such as super oxide anion that are generated when the titanium dioxide plates arranged along the cylinder are illuminated with UV light. The decomposed gas is carried upward and exhausted.   The UV light irradiation is partially reflected by the cylinder surface and generates active ions on the titanium dioxide plates at the opposite side of the cylinder. This system efficiently decomposes and removes contaminants such as VOC gas.
Message from the representative (initiatives for future market development and intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
Our fundamental policy is to contribute to the protection of the global environment, local development, and social safety through the development of technology and products that are compatible with the world around us. Developing a technology that will not be swept away by the passage of time owing to the company’s status as a university-originated venture, we provide solutions from the point of view of end users that focus on the essence of photocatalytic technology. If you have any questions about the photocatalytic technology, please feel free to make an inquiry. 

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