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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:18

Nihonseikan Co., Ltd.

Design and manufacture of end face polishing machines and various jigs for optical connectors

Although our company started mainly by producing machine parts in 1963, now we are focusing on the design and manufacture of end-face polishing machines and various jigs for optical connectors. We will keep working hard to create high precision products carefully and quickly to fully satisfy the customers without betraying the trust we have accumulated with our customers.

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Nihonseikan's product lineup
Optical connector-related products
•Portable polishing machine for optical connectors
Polishes 1 to 4 terminals with the same conditions by independent pressurization method

-Small size, high rigidity: For use in factory lines and on-site construction
-Planar polishing: Polishes the plane of MT and MPO connectors with a surface sag of 1 um or less
-Spherical surface polishing: Polishes ¢ 2.5 and ¢ 1.25mm zirconia ferrule PC and AdPC within 0.05 um of fiber pulled-in.

•Large polishing machine for optical connectors
It is a next generation polisher that realizes high quality polishing at a low cost

-Stable quality as all terminals are independently pressurized (maximum 24 terminals)
-Time and cost of polishing was reduced by 50% (compared to our other products)
-It reduces scratches with a new polishing locus and semi-independent locus. The difference between inner and outer speeds is quite small. It uses polishing members effectively.
-The clamp mechanism makes it easy to set up
-It supports various types of polishing

•Jig board for polishing optical connectors
Design and manufacture of jig boards for polishing various optical connectors
-Material: stainless steel
-Parallelism: 2 u
-Hole diameter dimensional accuracy: ±1u
-Bearing accuracy: Within 3 minutes
-Number of ferrules attached: 3 to 24
-Shapes: 100 or more
We accept orders from one piece.
Other parts processing, etc.
•Carbide parts processing
-Carbide dies for drawing
-Carbide pin gauge
-Other carbide parts

•Processing jig/inspection jig/part processing
-Processing jig for mobile phone parts
-Processing and inspection jigs for auto parts
-Auto parts processing

-Evaporation mask
Material: Titanium SUS304
Thickness: 0.03 m/mm to 0.3m/mm
Size: up to A4 size
Quantity: Available from one piece
Other products
1. Rubber products

(1) Reel light — a peripheral component for optical connectors 
It is a major revolution in fiber’s excess length processing.

-Its ¢0.25 to 0.9mm core wire and tape core wire can be stored easily without adhesive tape.
-The fiber can be easily removed after winding.
-It eliminates complicated fiber's excess length processing from device production and terminal processing.
-Two types are available depending on the object for winding. You can also choose from three types according to the amount of flame retardancy/ast gas generated.
-It can also be used to store extra fiber length of FTTH line.

(2) Ultra-small reel for optical fiber
Useful from device production to FTT lines

2. Plastic products

(1) Small lot parts
-Case processing for semiconductor cleaning (from 1 piece)
-Parts storage tool processing (from 1 piece) 

(2) Mass-produced parts
-We will design and manufacture resin molds. 
-Processing of resin molded parts

3. Pocket storage type Ikariban (excluding hooks)
•Treble hook storage for ayu fishing.
You can store the hook without bending the header stop.

4. Magnet tray (made of rubber, except for the hook, reel, and device)
•For artificial fly and ayu fishing with decoy (tomozuri).
Strong ally for preventing hook loss! 
•Tray for needle winding with built-in magnet
The hook storage section attracts hooks, allowing you to work safely without losing them (it uses a special magnet that attracts only on one side).

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