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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:35

Tool Cobo Co., Ltd.

We deliver even a single special cutting tool if required.

We are manufacturers that specialize in cutting tool production, additional modifications, refurbishing, repolishing, and a range of coating techniques. We accept an order even for one unit. We are also skilled in manufacturing specialized cutting tools.  We will deliver with short turnaround times, high quality, and sincerity.

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Production of cutting tools
Through detailed discussion with our customers and the use of 3D modeling, we can offer tools of optimal forms to satisfy our customers. 
We can accept orders for individual pieces, and we also specialize in unique cutting tools.
We produce items with short turnarounds, high quality, and reliability.
Additional modification/regeneration of cutting tools
We can make dulled blades as sharp as brand new ones at a low cost. 
We can sharpen all types of special blades in a diverse range of shapes and materials.
We can accommodate blades with extremely small diameters and requests with urgent deadlines. 
Re-polishing of cutting tools
Our company re-grinds cutting tools for many manufacturers. 
Our technicians, who have Class 1 National Certificates for Tool Grinding, instruct less senior staff. Our solid technical ability and unique expertise ensures that old and dull cutting tools can be transformed into sharp tools as if they were new. 
Various coatings
We apply optimal coating based on the cutting specifications of each of our customers to improve the durability of the blade and lengthen its lifespan.
By coordinating with local specialized makers, we can offer faster delivery than other companies depending on the type.
We also accept orders for repolishing along with coating or for coating only.
The main coating membranes we use are iN, TiAIN, DLC, TH, and SX-W. 

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