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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:24

Tsukasa - Seimitsu Co,. Ltd.

Towards the future of manufacturing

Our company designs and manufactures parts and products for industrial machinery, commodities, welfare/healthcare equipment, and surveillance cameras by applying precision processing (drilling, bending, welding, assembly, etc.) on metal plates such as iron, stainless, aluminum, copper, and brass.

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Meeting customer's requests with a flexible response
Features of Tsukasa Seimitsu
Tsukasa Seimitsu designs and manufactures parts and products for various equipment (industrial machinery, daily commodities, welfare/healthcare equipment, surveillance camera, etc.) by applying precision processing such as drilling, bending, welding, and assembly, on metal (iron, stainless, aluminum, copper, brass) plants.

The main features of our company are as follows:
1. Handles irregular processing flexibly with its abundant knowledge, technology, and the lasts machinery
2. Responds to sudden orders and keeps the promised delivery date faithfully. 
3. Accepts orders in any lot size, from one piece to mass production
4. Offers one-stop solutions from design/sheet metalworking to surface treatment/assembly
5. Responds to orders for customized products either from individuals or companies, if given a rough shape and dimensions.

We will work hard every day to make our activity useful for society.
Repair, improvement, new production
•Order example 1
Reproduced an Italian auto part from about 20 years ago. Because it was unavailable (“no longer available,” “it takes time,” “expensive,” etc.), we were asked by a car repair shop if we could make the same thing. We made some arrangements regarding the size and installation method before production. 

•Order example 2
Received an order for external stairs for direct entry from the yard to the second floor. We visited the customer’s residence to measure the size and made parts at our factory.

•Order example 3
A kindergarten asked us to repair a broken flaghead. It was too badly damaged to repair, so we created a new one. 

•Order example 4
A truck mirror was damaged, and the pipe ruptured. We made lunar lattice by welding and finished with buff. The repair was completed on the same day.
Manufacturers network
To meet the various needs of customers, our company has built a manufacturers’ network with coating, repair, and material manufacturers. By sourcing the processing we cannot offer (processing of metal lump, press working, base production, processing other than metal, etc.) from specialized vendors, we can accept orders for one-stop solutions.

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