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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:31


We respond to requests from our customers with a variety of pressing technologies, including thick press forging for special steel

Our company has built a comprehensive production system based on various pressing technologies and covers everything from pressing to assembly. We specialize mainly in the manufacture of components for vehicle transmissions, particularly the processing of special steel plates of thicknesses between 6 mm and 9 mm used in the transmissions. We suggest our customers the most suitable pressing methods for their needs, such as fine blanking pressing, knuckle pressing, link motion pressing, and other types, and we work hard every day to ensure their satisfaction. 

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Introduction of technology and main products
Pressing of special thick steel plates
By combined processing using a leveler feeder that can handle up to 9.0-mm thick plates with common purpose pressing and fine blanking, we can achieve high-precision machining that other companies are not incapable of offering, and we use our fine attention to detail to continuously manage production. We offer products processed through die cast cold forging to iron plate processing.
Manual transmission parts
Transmission that allows a driver to choose a specific deceleration rate through the application of pressure, which is typical in direct acceleration. 
We are specialized in the pressing of MT functional parts
・MT shift fork (claw tip pressure forging)
・MT shift fork (resin outset processing)
・Shift yoke (curling)
・Interlock (box-bending side piercing)
・Ball parking BRK (hot tea precision shearing)
・Shift folder (progressive bending)
Dual-clutch transmission parts
Automated transmission that retains the benefits of manual transmission such as tactile response during acceleration.
DCT function products
DCT shift fork (Precision shearing + Precision bending)
Lever parking
Continuously variable transmission (CVT) parts
Transmissions that allow continuous changing of car speeds without the use of gears.
CVT function product
Detent lever (Special steel precision shearing )
Driven sprockets (SUS combined processing)
Detent lever Assembly
Manual valve COMP
Other parts
・Turbo coupling assembly (FB progressive processing and press curl assembly)
・Shifting assembly (plasma welding high-speed caulking)

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