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We can handle the production of a wide variety of rubber goods.

Our company manufactures mainly rubber rollers for ATMs and OA equipment, as well as other rubber products in-house, regardless of material and quantity, covering design to production. Please consult with us if you have any rubber-related queries.

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About our business, products, and technologies
Business description and characteristics
Polyurethane and synthetic rubber can have a wide range of physical properties by changing the raw material composition and reaction conditions. We have processed and sold various rubber and resin products by utilizing over 30 years of experience in sales engineering. We will make the best possible proposals by utilizing our long years of know-how on material composition, cost cutting, product development, and mold development techniques.
Main product/technology outline
Casting type urethane rollers allow for load-free (e.g., pressure) molding and heat curing, thereby adding consistent physical properties. Since urethane itself is not only wear-resistant but also liquid, it can be mixed with various fillers to become a specialty in the field. The cast urethane moldings are used in medical equipment and precision equipment.

Regarding the compression molding roller, we can handle all materials such as EPDM, silicone, NBR, SBR, HNBR, and fluoro rubber, as well as molding. We can manage all stages, from material formulation to kneading instruction.
About business matching
Because of its high impact resilience, robust mechanical properties, wear resistance, and other features such as oil resistance, chemical resistance, and cold resistance, many applications are being developed as a unique elastic material that fills the middle ground between rubber and plastics. With the corporate motto of "credit is an infinite asset," we are committed to making every effort to ensure that our customers will keep using our products.

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