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Latest update: 19/01/2023 14:27:46

Sansuisha (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

技術・経験・柔軟な発想・時代の要請に確実に対応できるフレキシプル企業でありたい。Skill・Experience・Flexibility ・A flexible business that reliably meets the demands of today.

Sansuisha (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company focusing on metal fabrication work and OEM as per your requirements.After metal fabrication work, we have coating process whether it be alkyd-melamine, enamel or heat resistance to paint your products in one-stop-service.


We provide One-Stop-Service for customer who seeks a professional Metal fabrication work and Solvent coating service of manufacturer. We offer material consultation, design, produce and handle all quality plans, after service by offering services to various industries such as parts of agriculture machinery, part of construction machinery, part of factory machinery, automotive parts, electrical equipment. However simple or complex your requirements, our experienced engineers can offer you the service that best meets your job requirements. We operated work under base on the international standard ISO9001:2015&ISO14001:2015 with according Japanese quality control.