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Latest update: 20/02/2018 02:06:36

O.K.C. Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We can re-polish a wide range of high-precision, efficient tools and accurately restore irregularly shaped tools in our restoration and grinding services. Tool restoration with shank parts from a broken tool is also possible. Most of the restoration process has been automated, so delivery can be expedited. Our made-to-order tools are also manufactured in a short time, even in small lots. This is because we have an integrated in-house process for design, development, and manufacturing. We can help customers reduce work process and processing hours by providing customized (irregularly shaped) tools for their needs. 

[Business description]
Our company was established in 1996, but we keep up with the latest technologies thanks to employees who are younger than the industry average. We offer restoration and re-polishing of various cutting tools such as end mills, drills, cutters, and metal slitting saws, for customers in the automobile, aircraft, IT, and medical device fields. We also cater to various other user needs such as manufacturing made-to-order tools, special specifications, and small-lot production for professional users. 

Various cutting tool restoration and re-polishing; made-to-order tool manufacturing

[Representative's message]
The development of automobile-related products has become more competitive, and we are required to deliver in a shorter period. We have designed and manufactured customized, irregularly shaped tools to meet these requirements, and helped customers reduce work process and processing hours. We hope to actively use J-GoodTech to make the most of our high-precision machining technologies in offering solutions to enterprise needs in the automobile, aircraft, IT, and medical device fields. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will participate in exhibitions such as Messe Nagoya and Medical Messe to demonstrate our products and technologies to customers in the automobile, aircraft, and IT fields. We will also use this to reinforce our sales channels for special-specification products. We will provide higher quality and reliability by obtaining ISO 13485/9001 certification. We also intend to focus on the medical field by productizing a medical drill that is currently under joint development. 

Registered medical device manufacturer (Registration No. 23BZ200186)
Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program (2011)
Monozukuri Craftsmanship (2013, 2014)
Management Innovation Plan
Management Improvement Plan

[Intellectual property]
Development of a medical drill with a pointed end (Design Application No. 2016-018349); design registration (Trademark Application No. 2016-084582).

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