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Latest update: 25/09/2019 11:08:34


We offer illumination and fragrances that create a comfortable and fashionable space 

We develop products taking advantage of various features of wax moldings. 


Sales Pitch

Production of paraffin-free candles
We manufacture and sell aroma candles using vegetable wax made in Japan
Our soy wax-based aroma candles have a long-lasting aroma without producing much soot. We have a stable supply of wax because it is all sourced from domestic Japanese oil and fat manufacturers and mixed in-house following our original formula.
The candles are available in two types, each with distinctive characteristics: a packaged container type, and a pillar-shaped free-standing type.
OEM production is our main project. We also manufacture aroma candles in various shapes as well as Japanese candles with wicks made of Japanese paper and soft rush. 

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