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Performing processes such as trial production and production of automotive metal products (automotive body components and engine components)

We are an integrated processing manufacturer, mainly producing automotive components. We are able to develop prototypes, design as well as produce metal molds, and perform pressing, welding, as well as assembly. By utilizing our know-how which is based on our own technological capabilities, and by applying the optimum production methods and management for which cutting-edge equipment is fully used, we are making efforts to increase the types of products produced by us, improve quality, shorten delivery deadlines, and reduce their prices.

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Characteristics of our company
Short delivery deadlines and ultra-small quantity production
We are able to produce one or more products by performing manual processing, without using a metal mold.  
In our company, we perform the following processes in sequential order: CAD data creation, program creation, processing, surface treatment, and inspection. We are able to deliver products in 5 days, at the earliest. (Production periods differ depending on product specifications. For details, please contact us.)
Short delivery deadlines and mass production
As for metal molds, jigs, and production lines, we perform production, installation, and trial operation in our company. Accordingly, we are able to assemble products in short periods and respond to design changes. 
(For details, please contact us.)
Proposing product shapes and process design
We propose product shapes and process design that are suitable for productivity and quality. 
Example: Proposing sheeting to produce a product that has conventionally been produced by casting (in order to reduce weight and costs)
Deep drawing press working 
We are able to squeeze two plates, the thickness of which is from 0.4 to 2.0 mm, to produce a product whose height is up to around 120 mm.
High-precision welding processing
While considering distortions, we weld parts, the plate thickness of which is from 0.4 to 6.0 mm, so as to ensure a dimensional accuracy of ±0.5 mm.
Assembly processing
By performing integrated production processes (including pressing, welding, and assembly), we are able to produce assemblies and mechanical components.

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