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Latest update: 14/12/2017 02:07:18

Matsumoto Kougyou Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company possess machinery and equipment including a 600-ton press machine, which is in the largest class among local companies in Northern Kyushu. We have production lines based on Karakuri and other unique technologies. Our company has established an efficient and reliable production system by physically linking the production lines and an information and management system capable of ascertaining process status in real time. We can design molds and jigs, manufacture trial products, and evaluate them using a 3D measuring machine. Our company has readied a system based on these advantages to satisfy customer requests at quick turnarounds. We are also receiving orders for factory visualization and production execution systems from factories in different business categories.

[Business description]
Our company has various businesses, including automotive and housing parts, chemicals, engineering, local comprehensive construction, and metal products. We manufacture automobile seat frames, impact beams to protect occupants from collision shocks, exhaust system parts, and vibration control frames in our automotive and housing part business. We manufacture chemical and sewn products such as headrests and armrests in our chemicals business. We manufacture factory production equipment and factory visualization and production execution systems applying the IoT in our engineering business. We have a track record with hotels, hospitals, condominiums, factories, office buildings, stores, and private houses in our local comprehensive construction business.
Our company also runs a local supermarket and a nursery school.

Automotive and housing part manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Part manufacturing for the automobile industry is now a global business, and the business will not grow if it is limited to within Japan. We are aiming at business expansion to overseas part manufacturers by raising quality and productivity and developing unique technologies. We cannot expect many orders from part manufacturers in Japan if we only manufacture parts exactly according to received drawings, because there are many competitors. This is why we will consider functions and try to jointly develop lightweight, strengthened parts at low cost together with customer companies.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We developed the spinning-less method and new crimp processing method ourselves in cultivating the domestic Japanese market. We succeeded in mass-producing low-cost mufflers with high quality and roundness for Nissan because of these technologies. We will also manufacture parts for other companies by applying our in-house development of technologies and equipment. The president, managing director, and design and development staff (engineering division) will work together to develop our business. Our overseas business only involves China, but we will expand to Southeast Asia.

[Awards and media coverage]
Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Agency, Director-General’s Good Design Special Award (2003); 300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs (2008); 100 Small and Medium Attractive Manufacturing Companies in Fukuoka Prefecture (2017).

Nikkei Business, "Kishutachino Aria" (December 2013), and many others.

ISO 9001 (Automobile and Housing Department)
ISO 14001 (Automobile and Housing Department)

[Intellectual property]
Japanese patents for our headless press method, pipe end flare processing method, and muffler manufacturing method; utility model registration for our building method; registered trademarks for our in-house products.

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Kyushu Head Office, SMRJ