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Latest update: 22/01/2020 10:12:34

Nemours Co., Ltd.


Sales Pitch

Aesthetics and warm textiles for women
This project of aesthetics and warmth for women provides the Kisibo series of face mittens and body towels with a silk content of 100 percent, which is good for the skin, along with thin, lightweight, and warm "luxury cashmere stall series" with a chashmere content of 100 percent.
- Kisibo series: Kibiso refers to the first lot of all yarns produced by silkworms, which yarns are the outermost, most heterogenious layer. Kibiso has a high content of sericin, which is the kind of protein closest to human skin. Sericin excels in moisture retention, thereby washing your skin with high moisture and making it beautiful.

- Luxury cashmere stall series: The most lightweight of all general cashmere stall is 100 to 200 g, while our stall weighs only 80 g. Moreover, it consists of yarns interwoven in a special manner, resulting in high softness. Although lightweight, the product securely has the warmness that cashmere is supposed to have.
The product is targeted at women in their 40s to 60s. The kibiso series is for those concerned about their skin care, while the cashmere series is thin, soft, and warm. Both lines of products have won the confidence of customers after they actually touched and tried them.

Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have staff capable of handling even development work refused by other companies. We can develop yarn, fabric, and products on behalf of customers. (Yarn will be developed by our partner spinning company.) We also possess knowledge about providing the products we develop at low prices, with stable quality, and in small lots. We are ready for sewing with a comforter forming machine and 16 sewing machines at our in-house factory.

[Business description]
Our company develops synthetic fibers and natural fibers, fabric, and products with unique specifications, and we manufacture them on an OEM basis. We were the top manufacturer of cool-to-the-touch products among the results announced in the three-year period from 2011 to 2013. We have accumulated various kinds of know-how by receiving many last-resort orders, and even orders refused by other companies. We look forward to your consultation about fiber products that other companies could not handle. Please note that we currently do not handle carbon fibers as raw materials for bulletproof fibers and synthetic fibers.


[Representative's message]
State-of-the-art machines do not always produce the most excellent products. This is what is most interesting about the fiber industry. I think the artisans and technologists in Japan's fiber industry have the world's top know-how about fibers. Our company will do its best to support Monozukuri craftsmanship that benefits people and world, and that lets Japan's aspiring artisans spread their wings. We hope you will make use of our company through J-GoodTech for cost reduction and other proposals on fiber products used in various fields of industrial materials.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will try to satisfy various expectations about existing and other technologies requiring development in Japan and abroad. We actively develop the technologies necessary for solving issues. New product development also means new market cultivation for our company. We established a new product development section within the product development department to cultivate new markets. We will be flexible about changes by making use of our advantages as a small company. We will adapt ourselves to changing environments by appropriately selecting necessary staff.

[Awards and media coverage]
Cabinet Office and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Nippon Grand Award 2015; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun and Risona Foundation, Awards for Excellent New Technologies and Products of Small and Medium Enterprises.

NHK World, "Science View;" Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Nikkei MJ; Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.

[Intellectual property]
We basically maintain our company as a black box and do not disclose information.

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Tohoku Head Office, SMRJ