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AET, Inc.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our company has been accumulating electromagnetic field analysis technologies for many years by selling electromagnetic field analysis software and developing use applications. We now provide hardware and software solutions to various industrial fields based on these technologies. Our microwave accelerator business in particular satisfies requests in Japan and abroad with design services as well as product development and sales. Our dielectric and EMC measuring devices have been realized by our technical strategy of combining simulation technology with measurement and evaluation technology.

[Business description]
Our company sells and supports electromagnetic field analysis software, develops related use applications, and provides analysis services. We develop and sell microwave heaters, plasma generators, and other microwave-applied equipment and X-ray generators. We develop and sell microwave accelerators and provide design services. Our other businesses include developing and selling EMC measuring devices and providing EMC analysis and evaluation services. We also provide dielectric constant measuring services as well as measurement device development and sales.


[Representative's message]
Our company has been offering cutting-edge technologies centered on electromagnetic wave technology since our establishment in 1988. We provide high-quality, state-of-the-art hardware and software products. We also provide ultra-small X-ray tubes and other high-added-value  products through R&D including industry-government-university projects. Our products include dielectric constant measuring devices and small plasma devices. We will continue to propose valuable solutions with our high-level expertise, technical power, extensive network, and unique conceptions as our weapons. We will work even harder to contribute to developing our society.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company will cultivate overseas markets. We will efficiently introduce various cases of development in English on the Web to showcase our technical power. We will increase the number of agents we have in various places and link them by networking to expand our sales channels. We will also cultivate partners. We will seek partners in the Japanese market in the medical and healthcare fields as well as other high-growth new industrial fields. We will focus on making use of our technical power to provide products and services. 

[Awards and media coverage]
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, letter of gratitude for contributions to the construction of B factory experimental facilities and long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment facilities (1999); Tokyo Institute of Technology and Himeji Institute of Technology subsidy from Japan Science and Technology Agency (2000); Kawasaki City subsidy for a joint industry-university R&D project for the development of a nondestructive device for the automatic measurement of high-frequency complex dielectric constants, with the University of Tokyo (2001); subsidy from UFJ New Frontier Enterprise Development Fund, for the development of an ultra-small accelerator for medical use (2002); the 1st JPCA Award (2005); the 5th Kawasaki Manufacturing Brand, for our dielectric constant measuring device (2009); Japan Atomic Energy Agency and High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, letter of gratitude for the completion of various facilities at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (2009); the 26th Kanagawa Prefecture Industrial Technology Development Grand Award, Encouragement Prize, for our small X-ray tube and short-pulse high-voltage power supply (2009).

Nippon Hyoron Sha, "Sequel to Vibrant Companies in Kawasaki: Toward the Formation of Kawasaki-Tamagawa Innovation Valley" (2006).

[Intellectual property]
Japanese patents: Acceleration Tube (Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. 2001-3824493), and eight others.
Overseas patents: High Gradient Compact Standing Wave Liner Accelerator Structure (US Patent No. 6,316,876 B1, Japanese Registration No. 3010169) and three others.

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