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Latest update: 31/05/2022 17:35:43

Ace E&L Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Choju is simple and easy for anyone to set. This product does not require adjustment or maintenance by regularly visiting a clinic, unlike a hearing aid. A hearing aid is adjusted in a quiet room like a room in a clinic, so it is often unsuitable for use in stations and other crowded or congested places. The user can independently adjust the sound quality and volume of Choju with consideration for the environment, and a suitable tone can be selected from among 25 types. Our R&D has made it possible to hear crystal-clear voices. It is also easy to hear the high notes of singers without clipping, and conversations involving many people sound natural and comfortable.

[Business description]
Our company developed and marketed the Choju sound concentrator to solve inconveniences for the hearing-impaired. Choju is a high-performance sound concentrator featuring unrivaled sound quality and less noise compared with conventional hearing aids. The greatest advantage is the distance between the earphones and microphone. Choju looks awkward at a glance, but customers appreciate the product once they start to use it. Conventional hearing aids have unnatural sound quality to forcibly suppress audio feedback, but Choju does not need a forcible adjustment circuit because of the distance between the earphones and microphone. The natural sound quality enables the user to hear sounds and also to distinguish between people’s voices.

High-performance elderly-oriented sound concentrator manufacturing

[Representative's message]
Choju can be used for either or both ears. We have heard from many users that the adjustment function for the right and left ears relieved them of ear ringing. Users will not need to raise the sound volume for hearing when they get used to the adjustment function of Choju. They will get into the habit of not talking in a loud voice. Residents at nursing homes often get into the bath by mistake without taking off their hearing aids. Conventional hearing aids are subject to damage due to water penetration, but Choju has a structure that resists this problem. This is also something we want many people to know.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company is a group of electronic equipment engineers with a history of over 30 years. We are a 100% subsidiary of Ace Engineering Co., Ltd. We analyzed many sound concentrators and hearing aids on the market and solved their issues and disadvantages. We totally eliminated the noise and audio feedback common to hearing aids and sound concentrators. Hearing aids on the market are expensive, but Choju has a low price.

[Intellectual property]
Trademark registration pending for “Choju” (Japanese Trademark Registration Application No. 2016-105201).

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