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Please contact us for precision thin stainless steel pipes.

With the motto of quality control and stable supply, [Ultra-thin stainless steel pipe] is capable of pulling down the wall thickness to "0.02 mm", [Ultra-fine stainless steel pipe] is possible to outer diameter 0.05 mm, inner diameter 0.02 mm, etc. We are good at manufacturing and processing thin and thin stainless pipes. In addition to these special pipes, we also support secondary processing such as [honeycomb pipe] [deformed pipe] [drawing pipe] and laser processing. In addition to metal products, we also support plastic optical fiber products and assembly processing.

Main image

Sales Pitch

Ultra-thin stainless steel pipe
The minimum wall thickness of 0.02 mm is available.
We can reduce the wall thickness (minimum wall thickness 0.02mm) according to your specifications by drawing. As a by-product of thin-walled specifications, the inner surface of the pipe will be finished to a mirror surface.
It is used in all fields, mainly medical products.
Super fine stainless steel pipe
World's finest stainless steel pipe (outer diameter 0.05mm × inner diameter 0.02mm) *Our research
The world's thinnest stainless pipe with a minimum outside diameter of 0.05 mm and a minimum inside diameter of 0.02 mm (according to our research).
As products become smaller, the required parts become smaller, and in order to meet such needs, we have succeeded in manufacturing thin stainless pipes up to this point.
Please use our [ultra-fine pipe] for medical devices, micromachines, branch optical devices, electronic parts, and all other ultra-small worlds.



Other presentation

[Business description]
Our company started from the business of precisely cutting metal pipes. Currently, we have a consistent system from the pipe making process to the pipe drawing, straightening, cutting and processing at our own factory. We are engaged in manufacturing thin pipes and thin-walled stainless steel pipes and various processing, as well as processing metal pipes, processing and assembling plastic optical fibers.

Manufacturing industry

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our precision stainless steel pipes are used in various fields such as electronic devices, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, stationery, toys, and household goods, mainly for medical devices. Stainless steel pipe products and processed products are for medical/electronic parts/industrial machinery/chemicals, and plastic optical fiber products are for FA equipment, industrial endoscopes (for inspection and checking), optical communication/lighting ( In particular, cold light, which has no heat in the light source, is widely used in parts such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment and art lighting) and signals.

[Representative's message]
In particular, I would like more companies and other market participants to know the goodness of our products, which have been widely adopted in the medical device industry. Medical equipment, which holds human life, is subject to strict quality control and stable supply. In addition to technical aspects, we would like to consult with you about problems such as quality control and supply system, and utilize our products, technologies and know-how to create relationships for business partners.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our products have been widely adopted in the medical device industry where high quality control is required. In the future, we would like to disseminate and collect information through exhibitions and other means in order to expand the technology and know-how cultivated in the difficult market to other fields. We will promote the development of new products and contribute to society as a proposal-based company.

[Quality control and environmental activities]
ISO9001:2008 acquired on February 23, 2010
Eco Action 21 acquired on August 15, 2006

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