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Latest update: 14/12/2017 02:06:35

Kokura Gousei Kougyou Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our autoclave for high pressure up to 10 MPa even speeds up reactions that are difficult in a low-pressure area. We possess many kinds of special equipment, including an autoclave capable of handling poisonous gases and an anti-acid autoclave lined with glass. We also possess distillation columns and support integrated production from hydrogenation to purification by distillation. We can synthesize various compounds by fatty acid decomposition, distillation, and hydrogenation as well as other organic synthesizing methods. These methods include wax refinement, hydrogenation, reduction reactions, polymer synthesis, resin hydrogenation, ester reduction reactions, olefin hydrogenation, benzene ring nucleus hydrogenation, and nitrile hydrogenation.

[Business description]
Our company started to handle glucose hydrogenation in 1943, and we have been manufacturing various organic synthetic compounds as well as organic and fine chemicals ever since. We also manufacture high-grade derivatives from castor oil. Our greatest strength lies in hydrogenation reactions. This is based on our industrial production achievements and know-how that we have been accumulating for over 60 years. We have also been cultivating alkali melting technology by sebacic acid synthesis for many years. We apply this technology to manufacture long‐chain carboxylic acid products from various high-class alcohols. We are now expanding our markets for these products. We are pursuing the possibilities of new fine chemicals based on hydrogenation reactions, organic synthesis reactions, and distillation technology. We even accept consignment research. We will make use of our R&D power and manufacturing technology to establish consignment production and economical industrialization processing.

Chemical industry

[Representative's message]
Social and economic trends are changing every moment with recent internationalization, global environmental protection, and low economic growth. All of our staff focus on enhancing and developing chemical technologies and devote themselves to the task by anticipating these trends and taking quick action. We will maintain a gentle but keen view on society from a worldwide perspective. We will continue our efforts to make more contributions to the industrial world and an affluent life for people.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our managing director Beppu is usually in charge of cultivating markets. We work out business plans in our castor oil and hydrogenation business based on Lanchester's laws considering that we are a small company in a niche industry. We are actively acquiring information sources and knowledge as a future leading company, so we can be a unique company.

[Awards and media coverage]
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting, "Kitakyushu Kirameki Company" (July 28, 2013).

ISO 9001 (2003)

[Intellectual property]
Our amino compound manufacturing method is patented. We develop and manufacture various synthetic substances, so we have many new innovative processes, but we are keeping them as in-house know-how without acquiring patents.

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