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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:51

BLOOM Co.,Ltd.

Import Agent for Cosmetics, Quality Control GQP/GVP Services, and Contract Analysis of Ingredients

Our company obtained a sales permit and was also designated by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as a testing and inspection institution for ingredient analysis. We are entrusted with ingredient analysis as a public institution. Our strength lies in our ability to provide one-stop services from import and customs clearance to inspection, advanced quality control, and logistics.

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Business Description
Total System for Cosmetics Import Agent Services
We offer one-stop services for importing overseas cosmetics. This is a total import agent system that consistently provides all of the complex pharmaceutical operations.

There have been many cases of people importing and selling products without realizing they have violated the current or former Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, leading to recalls later. Recalls are the biggest risk in the cosmetics business. Not only will it damage profits, but it could also cause fatal corporate damage by losing the trust of customers and consumers.

We can take care of all the processes on your behalf, including: authorization of manufacturing and distribution; authorization of manufacturing; ingredient testing; administrative procedures; cosmetics manufacturing and sales notification; cosmetics notification; import license notification for manufacturing and sales; customs clearance; and statutory labeling.
Ingredient Analysis and Testing/Inspection Services
Bloom is a testing and inspection organization entrusted with ingredient analysis for cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and raw materials. Using the latest analytical equipment, we support the distribution of safe and secure cosmetics with scientific data and the latest information on ingredients and pharmaceutical affairs. We can also meet your requirements for the safety of raw materials and ingredients. We are a cosmetic analysis center that proposes useful analyses to customers who conduct quality control, sales, and import of cosmetics made overseas and in Japan.
Cosmetics Export Agent Service
We provide one-stop services for all operations related to cosmetics. Just as there is a law called the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan, there are laws and regulations in other countries as well. In some countries, there is no problem as long as it is registered, but in reality, there are instances where you have to prepare various documents and conduct tests using the inspection methods required by the country. The information available in Japan is not enough to meet the regulations of other countries. Through our network of overseas inspection organizations, we can obtain information on each country's rules and provide support for export.