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Being a trading company of renewable energy and engaging in construction, international trade, and other business, we aim to be a company which serves people well in terms of living environments. We have done business with companies in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. Based in Fukuoka City, we contribute to next-generation businesses by utilizing a reliable network with overseas companies.

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Description of business
General trading company of renewable energy
We deal in a variety of carefully selected products of excellent manufacturers all over the world.
Solar power generation 
We deal in a variety of carefully selected products of excellent manufacturers all over the world.
Wind power generation
We can design, procure, and construct wind power generation systems tailored to the installation and wind conditions.
Plant construction
We can support processes of constructing plants, which include land development, design, planning, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance, in a one-stop manner. By utilizing the experience and know-how nurtured as a trading company, we propose the plan most suitable for the income and expenditure of the business.
International trade
We can offer materials, products, as well as services that can meet various needs and export them from Japan to the world and import them from the world to Japan. 
Interior and exterior
We offer wrought iron that is produced made-to-order at our overseas factories in an integrated fashion and construction materials that are tailored to clients' needs. As for our construction business, we perform design and construction while considering combinations of construction materials.
We can produce OEM wrought iron. Please feel free to contact us for products, which are made from iron, such as furniture parts (legs, handles, etc.), sundries, novelties, and products bearing your company's brand name. We can perform processes from design proposal to the production of products that match your company's design.
Maintenance, inspection, and operation services
As for the maintenance-related concept of MARUTOU JAPAN Co., Ltd., we understand the importance of the stable and long-term operation of power plants and the prevention of energy loss during the power generation period. We are eager to receive orders for various tasks such as weeding and panel cleaning.
Security business
We deal in a variety of products the main of which are security cameras.
Since we are professionals, we can propose a series of products for reducing or preventing crime.