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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:37

Yamamura-mfgco Inc.

A blacksmith who is honest with steel

We are manufacturers specialized in beauty scissors and composite steel material for blades. We are an integrated producer that handles all processes related to steel materials from sales to commercialization. We also sell steel, forged, self-abrasive, and polished materials.  We also accept high-mix low-volume production requests.

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Manufacture of hairdressing scissors
We produce materials and semi-manufactured goods for hairdressing scissor manufacturers. 

Sales of steel for use in hairdressing scissors.
 Steel used in the production of hairdressing scissors. We mainly sell Hitachi 440C and ATS314, which have earned the highest acclaim in the industry for their quality.
Forged steel 
 Steel that has been processed using hot forging, annealing, cold forging, deburring, and coining.
Auto-polished steel/Machine-processed steel
 Forged steel that has been processed using surface polishing, blade polishing, back polishing, and back blade polishing, which is crucial for scissors. The customer starts their manufacture from the blade-edging stage.
Polished steel
 Machine-processed steel that has been processed using surface polishing until it has a mirrored finish. Only final polishing is needed before the product is ready.

We put an emphasis on quality regardless of shape and design. With our in-house integrated production system that is highly unique in Japan,
the sale of materials, parts, and semi-manufactured goods is possible at each stage of production.
We produce diverse scissors, and we always produce and stock at least 80 types of products.
We can handle both large- and small-lot orders.

We can also print company names, store names, and brand names for our customers using laser marking. If you are interested in the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) production of high-quality scissors, please let us know.
Manufacturing of equipment and materials
Japanese blades characteristically have a structure that combines iron and steel.  To accommodate the requests of blade makers, we bond steel and ingots
through rolling to recreate the skill of blacksmiths.
Moreover, we use rollers that are angled based on the shape of the final product in our rolling and molding to produce even more convenient
cutting tools. 
By maintaining as low temperature as possible during processing, we prevent post-processing deformation. 
We can also conduct forge welding, which is more complex than other welding types, by machine.  Mechanization enables the production of high-quality, low-cost products as well as helps us to accommodate short turnaround times and large orders. 
Sale of steel for hairdressing scissors
We sell laminated steel material (Damascus steel) that is used in Keiun. 
Yamamura Seisakusho applies the ancient techniques of Japanese sword making to laminated steel technology in its research and manufacture.
In recent years, there has been a tendency to use laminated steel in merchandise design to add value to the product
and inquiries to our company have been increasing as a result. 
Laminated steel can be used for many products and purposes. 

Product examples
Cooking knives
Hairdressing scissors

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