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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:17

Suwada Blacksmith Works, Inc.

The manufacture and sale of gardening and household goods (scissors, nail clippers, and nippers, etc.).

We specialize in manufacturing nipper-type cutting tools, which “cut by putting blade to blade,” and up until now we have produced products that enhance “beauty,” such as nail clippers.
Our company is particular about having our artisans work on everything from product development and materials selection to finishing.
SUWADA Blacksmith Works, Inc. products are highly regarded in Japan and overseas for their pursuit of functional beauty.

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Product introduction
Nail clippers
SUWADA Inc. nail clippers are made using artisans throughout the process, from the selection of materials to finishing. We have continuously pursued the original “cut” function of cutting tools based on the technology and experience that we have accumulated since the establishment of our company, and we now produce more than 20 types of nail cutters. The blades are of a form with a functional beauty and are gently curved in line with the shape of the nail, making it possible to cut thick nails, ingrown nails and deformed nails. Our products are loved not only by general households but also by professional manicurists and healthcare workers. We recommend our products as gifts for important commemorative days, such as anniversaries. We can provide estimates too.
Cuticle nipper
SUWADA Inc. develops a number of types of professional tools according to the needs of professional manicurists. For a professional, tools are an important factor that can impact on the quality of one’s work. We always offer the highest quality without compromising on materials, finish, design and performance.
Bonsai/gardening scissors
Suwada Inc., which makes bonsai and gardening shears, started around 50 years ago with one type of product for cutting branches. Along with the needs of bonsai lovers, we have increased the number of kinds of cutters to more than 60 currently. All of our products, from the standard branch cutter to the special cutters for looking after large bonsai trees, are handmade by artisans. Our products are highly regarded by bonsai lovers all around the world.
Steak knife set
This knife set, which we have put together with a coordinated design, has been made with consideration for what is necessary to make main dishes even more delicious to eat, with the aim of providing cutlery that stays in your memory together with the meal. We have reviewed the conventional way of making cutlery from the ground up to enable us to provide cutlery of a solid construction made through ultrahigh-pressure forging while not having any joints so it can be used hygienically.
The knives are sharpened by artisans until they are able to cut without crushing the fibers of ingredients, and have been adjusted carefully by tempering to a hardness that makes it difficult to scratch plates. The edge of the knife is curved in such a way that it can cut ingredients at a natural angle, so our customers can enjoy their meals stress-free.
Our forks are designed to pierce ingredients easily while gradually narrowing toward the tips so that ingredients can come off the fork easily. In addition, the thick fork part has a semicircular form with the edges polished so that it is easy on the mouth and does not interfere with the taste of the food.

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