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Latest update: 18/02/2020 10:34:00

Pearl Metal Co.,Ltd.

"To create detailed items with renowned Japanese quality and style. "
For half a century, we are the leading company in Housewares and the Outdoors industry in Japan.

For half a century, we are operating, planning, developing and distributing housewares and outdoor items in Japan. Today, our distribution network has been expanding to include various retailers and wholesalers nationwide, such as Homecenters, supermarkets, drugstores and department stores.
We consider a pioneering spirit and originality as the key factors of our corparate life. We are specializing in the speed and capability of development. We have a huge range of items compared to other companies. We have been delivering over 1,000 new items into Japanese markets annually.
Now, we are keen to spread and develop our overseas sales network, and we are always looking for partners that can distribute our merchandise to respective countries.

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Housewares and outdoor equipment
PEARL LIFE - Housewares
PEARL LIFE creates items that can enrich your cooking life. These items which are made with Japanese originality, and our experiences span from cutlery, pots, fryingpans, cooking utensils to tablewares. We are handling whatever items you need around your cooking scene. PEARL LIFE will continue to be the top runner of the Housewares industry in Japan.
A huge Japanese outdoor brand for over 40 years. CAPTAIN STAG is a pioneer and top brand in the outdoor industry in Japan. CAPTAIN STAG is handling a wide range of Outdoor items (BBQ wares, outdoor tables, chairs, sleeping bags, tents and more) , CAPTAIN STAG can produce everything necessary for your camping life and related activities. We have even spread to cycling equipments, canoes, and gardening goods.
Cooperation with our region
We are based in Sanjyo-city in Niigata-pref, Japan. The "Tsubame-Sanjyo" region combines Tsubame-city and Sanjyo-city's area into a well-known place in which are based many factories having excellent craftsmanship and quality. In a country where craftsmanship is expected the Tsubame-sanjyo area is the "cream of the crop."
We are planning and developing items that give you the feeling of Japan's sense and ingenuity.

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