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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:16

Kaneko Mfg Corporation

Tools for assembling dreams

Our company manufactures hand-held screwdrivers and tip tools for electric screwdrivers under the ANEX brand. We operate an integrated production system in-house, from metalworking to heat treatment, plastic molding, and assembly/packaging. Manufacturing high-quality products while keeping costs down is our strength.

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Unique integrated system
Bt utilizing original technology, our ANEX brand products are manufactured through an integrated production system, from metalworking to heat treatment, plastic fabrication, and assembly, under an optimum production control.

Since ANEX drivers are manufactured based on Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) and Japan Camera Industry Standard (JCIS) with high dimensional accuracy, they engage with screws exceptionally well. And as for other hand tools, we have always grappled with the market head-on without being self-complaisant. We listened to the end-users’ voices and conceptualized, designed, and mass-produced the products that the customers really need earlier than any other company.

The best materials are carefully selected according to usage. For example, we use proprietary chrome-molybdenum-vanadium alloy steel for heavy-duty drivers like driver bits.

We can process screwdrivers that engage screw holes of various shapes, including +, -, hexagon, and hexalobe. In addition to screw drivers, processing on other irregular shaped tool is available.
•Heat treatment
We use the best steel for the driver, including Fe (foundation) and other elements (C, Si, Mn, Ni, Cr, Mo, V), applying heat treatment that gets the most out of its characteristics. Our company has continuous heat treatment equipment for mass production as well as batch-type heat treatment equipment for high-mix production. 

•Inspection and control
We control dimensions highly accurately by applying cutting to Phillips head screwdrivers and forging to flat-head screwdrivers. Furthermore, when higher precision is required, we realize a uniform quality by inspecting/controlling the product up to 1/100 mm order of blade thickness.

•Plastic molding
We can meet various needs using powerful injection molding machines suitable for thick-wall moldings such as grips. 

We have introduced efficient production management so that the customers can get their supplies as much as they need when they need it.
Consideration for the environment
We believe that environment-conscious manufacturing is our duty as a manufacturer.

We believe that it is our duty as a manufacturer to practice environmentally-conscious manufacturing. The RoHS Directive is a regulation on the use of certain harmful substances contained in electrical and electronic equipment. The products on our website are all hand tools and do not fall under electrical and electronic equipment (EEE).

Nonetheless, we will respond faithfully to any user inquiries regarding the content conditions of specific hazardous substances listed on the back cover of our general catalog.

Our product packaging are made of environmentally conscious materials such as recycled paper.

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