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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:14

Asano Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

We take on challenges with stainless steel products.

We machine various stainless steels according to use. With our experienced skills, we can produce products that combine stainless steels that have different properties. 

We deliver a wide range of products such as stainless steel pulleys, metal couplers, wire ropes, fishing tools, and handrails.

With an integrated production system from planning and development to manufacturing, we take custom orders for stainless steel castings as well.

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Making wishes come true with stainless steel.
We make the most of the properties of stainless steel as a material.
Through our expertise with stainless steel and by embodying the properties best suited for the particular use in each product, we improve user work efficiency even further, greatly contributing to obtaining what our clients want.

Stainless steel comes in various kinds, such as general-purpose SUS 304 and SUS 316, the latter being even more corrosion-resistant, and these varieties offer different properties. Stainless steel also varies in strength, corrosion resistance, and other properties according to the retention rate of its ingredients and the method of heat treatment used.

With our abundant knowledge of and experience with stainless steel which has long been cultivated in our own casting factories, we at Asano have the advanced expertise to select the optimal material and develop products according to the environment where the product will be used and the method for using it.
We address your needs with combinations of manufacturing methods.
By combining different methods of manufacturing (casting and forging), we maximize the performance of our products and securely meet your needs in the environments they will be used in.

By taking advantage of the fact that casting makes it easy to produce round-shaped products, we manufacture fishing tools and other products that are shaped as such to generate less friction when coming into contact with ropes and nets, thereby minimizing wear.  We can also thicken loaded parts and thin other parts, thereby making light but sufficiently strong products at appropriate prices. High flexibility from integrated forming is the key feature of casting and is taken great advantage of in manufacturing products.

Forging, on the other hand, involves hammering metal to apply pressure to it, thereby crushing the cavities in the metal, making the crystals tiny, and regulating their orientations to make them stronger and to shape them as desired. Forging is thus effective in making strong products, but is disadvantageous in terms of cost if you need to produce shapes according to required uses.

By combining the respective characteristics of casting and forging, we produce products that meet your mutually contradictory requirements for small, lightweight, and strong products.
We design a limitless range of shapes.
At Asano, we perform all processes ranging from designing shapes according to the use to calculating theoretical strengths, as well as manufacturing products while checking their shapes against printed 3D samples.

We improve and sophisticate our designs while repeatedly embodying ideas in an attempt to constantly enable developed products to perform better than expected.

When conceptualizing a product best suited for the actual operating condition, and envisaging a product that displays the highest functions, you need to begin with coming up with a limitless range of forms. Castings, which we at Asano are proficient in, are best characterized by their high flexibility in design by integrated forming. With limitlessly free thinking, we have been able to embody products with unprecedented designs and functions.

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