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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:22

Honma Seisakusyo Co., Ltd.

We have successfully automated the polishing of the inner surface of irregular-shaped stainless molds and square containers. It supplements craftsmanship that is going through a lack of successors with machinery and meet customer needs. Our company is the manufacturer of commercial kitchen products with a KOINU mark that you see in restaurants, school kitchen, and food factories.

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KOINU kitchen products
KOINU kitchen products are designed to exert the necessary functions for commercial kitchens such as restaurants, school cafeterias, and food factories to the fullest.

The products are also designed to have the durability to withstand heavy use and the simplicity for ease of use. That is why KOINU products are favored not only by professionals but also by domestic users who seek out special kitchen tools.

We studied what functions, durability, and user-friendliness are necessary for users to keep using the right tools, and developed/improved products continuously, completing a perfect lineup with full of originality that only KOINU can offer.
Manufacturing process that quickly responds to new product development and product improvements
•Mold making
Our company manufactures molds in-house and have the necessary software and machinery. The situation allows us to work faster while developing new products or making improvements. Also, prototyping with a 3D printer helps us to verify the shape and functions carefully.

•Press working
Both hydraulic press and spinning can process up to Φ600×600 (height). Furthermore, we have introduced spinning machines with 5-axis CNC control to offer spinning, — a process that makes the wall thinner to reduce weight, — to irregular and square-shaped containers. Besides, polishing that comes at the end of the manufacturing process had often delayed because of the decrease in outsourced vendors. To deal with this situation, we developed a new machining line for polishing the entire surface of irregular-/square-shaped containers. 

•Sheet metalworking
We are manufacturing an increasing number of unique high value-added products because of our self-developed products, chafing, cutlet cutter, and food warmer, as well as various sheet metalworking we are offering.
Equipment for producing high-quality products
•Equipment list
-Vertical machining center
-NC milling machine
-Wire-cutting machine
-3D CAD, 2.5 axis CAM  
-3D CAD, 2-axis CAM  
-2D CAD, 2-axis CAM
-Die polishing machine
-Mold polishing machine
-3D printer
-Hydraulic press
-Crank press
-Robot line
-Spinning machine
-Curling machine
-Servo control screw press
-Hammered mark press
-Proprietary long stroke press
-Pipe bender
-Argon welding machine
-Spot welding machine
-Automatic polishing machine
-Automatic polishing machine line
-Turret punching press
-2.5 D laser processing machine
-Press brake (bender)
-Band saw
-Roll machine
-Laser marking

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