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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:12

Nagao K.K.

We deliver "seeing, touching, using, and feeling" to the markets that demand it.

We are a wholesale trading company of metal cutlery and kitchenware in Tsubame Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture. We handle a wide range of household kitchenware, including not only products made by manufacturers in Tsubame Sanjo but also those from other prefectures and overseas. We are also engaged in the business of planning original products using the advanced manufacturing technology of Tsubame Sanjo. We also serve as a bridge between our customers and manufacturers that can shape and manufacture products according to customer requests.

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Sales Pitch

Product introduction
Stainless steel cutlery (knife, spoon, fork)
In particular, we have a full lineup of stainless steel cutlery to meet the diverse needs of various customers.
Product examples
White silverware dinner cutlery, set 4 pieces
Japanese and Western dinner cutlery set/cutlery series
Chopsticks/chopstick box set
Natural wood chopsticks
Soft spoon set
Split end spoon #4400
Brass coffee spoon
Disposable ice spoon
Red plum coffee spoon, cocktail fork
Chestnut wood dinner cutlery set/Japanese sweets pick fork
Tsubame-Sanjo chopsticks, mirrored and matte/Japanese sweets pick fork
Japanese sword pick knife series
Leaf cutlery spoon
Boston cutlery series
Ben & Betty children's tableware set
Petit marine ice spoon
Tsubame Sanjo bibimbap spoon
Happy bear baby spoon & fork
Jam/butter spreader
Butter knife 2 size set
List of other products
We want to make eating and cooking more enjoyable. We propose a lifestyle with a few extra ideas.
Product examples
Cooking and confectionery
Tea & coffee
Liquor and bar supplies
Storage containers and lunch boxes
Stainless steel pots

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