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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:35

tanabe Co., ltd

Made in Tsubame-Sanjo.

We have the widest range of products in the industry. We are a manufacturer and retailer of metal ornament for shrines and temples as well as household Buddhist altars with gold gilt and household Shinto altars, and we also sell houseware, mainly tongs.  We deal in a variety of processes from planning to manufacturing and plating.

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Buddhist altar fittings
Our company produces and sells metal ornaments for Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, including golden altars.
 Our strength lies in our integrated production system (from die and mold to plating), which we use to manufacture pressed metal fittings. Our factory operates with a total division of labor, and each step is conducted by specialized staff. 
Our metal ornaments, known as the best in the industry, are widely used by both national and international Buddhist altar makers. Our market share is among the top in Japan. We produce diverse metal ornaments that are used in Buddhist altars all over Japan, accommodating a diverse range of styles and sects. We offer a rich selection of products to furnish altars of different sizes. Moreover, we can accommodate large orders and detailed instructions from our customers, and we have earned a high level of acclaim and trust. 
In addition, we offer cleaning, repair, and replacement services for metal ornaments used in old altars.
Kitchen tools
As a part of local industry and as a member of our historical craftsmanship town, we have produced household goods for many years.  There are very few other companies that mainly produce tongs.
While cooking chopsticks were common in Japan for a long time, tongs have become more widespread since the Heisei era, when western food became more common in family meals.  
Therefore, our company has focused on the flexibility and practicality of our tongs to make them capable of performing multiple functions such as dish arrangement, serving, deep-frying, and pan frying to satisfy the changing lifestyles and requirements.  
In addition, as we conduct the entire integrated process from planning and production to shipment in-house, we can accommodate OEM products.  We can participate from the planning stage onward and strive to create products that satisfy our customers.