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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:24

Shindo Co., Ltd.

If you want metal products, leave it to Shindo.

We are a manufacturer of machined metal products. For our work, we have established an integrated production system for all processes ranging from wire cutting to multi-forming (wire coiling), pressing, spot welding, TIG welding, electrolytic polishing, product inspection, and packing. We proactively expand our market share abroad, and are also vigorously committed to developing original products.

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Sales Pitch

With our original products, we strive to make society better.
We make whatever you wish there was on a buffet cart.
We want to do something about the unstable hands of elderly citizens when holding a tray. In hotels and inns, elderly citizens may feel uneasy eating at buffet-style restaurants. At such times, a buffet cart would reassure them when moving their trays.

- Feeling reassured even when alone: With a buffet cart, elderly citizens can be reassured in moving even at a buffet-style breakfast at a hotel or something similar without worrying about the stability of their hands.
- Personal effects: When you have some personal effects, you can hang them on hooks on a pillar or place them on a net rack below.
- Space-saving design: When not in use, they can be stacked on top of each other, thereby saving space.
Ultimately useful tools that provide melodious comfort: Slow & Mellow
The Slow & Mellow series is a lineup of miscellaneous goods designed to offer a slow and leisurely lifestyle. The series hit the market in August 2016 as something with which to spend time relaxing. 

With product designs that take advantage of the properties of the metal material and with a pleasing appearance, the products provide a good sense with functionality and appearance.

The dripper is an excellent product designed with an adjustable dripper height and allows coffee or any other drink to drip directly into a mug, coffee server, water bottle, or other container.

[Product lineup]
- Copper spoons for ice cream and wooden trays
- Dripper
- Wire dripper and stand
Medical treatment equipment that combines functionality with convenience
We have a lineup of various products that we have planned and developed based on requirements raised by medical personnel at the front lines. 

[Product lineup]
- Clean Basket
Clean Basket, a cleaning basket for medical treatment purposes, was born out of requirements raised by medical personnel at the front lines. The smallest mistake in the sanitization and disinfection of medical utensils may lead to infection of a wound or some other major incident. Our Clean Basket has embodied "the requirements raised by medical personnel at the front lines" to enable cleaning personnel to do their work safely and comfortably. Precisely because the work must be done every single day, it must be safe.

- Uni-float Steps
Even after you have disinfected your hands, you may still want to move the stepladder. The Uni-float Steps have been developed as a stepladder to accommodate level differences in operation rooms, inspection rooms, and other places where you cannot use your hands.

Have you ever had a hard time with an operating table or workbench being too high in an operation room or inspection room? Have you ever had trouble because of a high document or chemical shelf that was out of reach? The Uni-float Steps have embodied such "requirements raised by medical personnel at the front lines." The Uni-float Steps are designed so that their casters lower when you step on the top plate, thereby becoming stable. Once you get on the stepladder, it will become stably fixed. When you are standing on the floor, you can move the product with little force. You only need to press it lightly with your foot to move it in any direction.

- Diaper wagon
This lightweight and compact wagon for changing diapers proves useful in narrow corridors and spaces in facilities and sickrooms. It allows you to change diapers easily every day.