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Latest update: 23/05/2023 14:02:17

Shinetsu Works Co., Ltd.

We excel at wire mesh and wire processing, and manufacture and sell mainly commercial kitchen supplies. We manufacture products for a variety of purposes, from cooking utensils that support Japanese food culture to machinery that solves modern food issues.

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Three Snow Division
Development of utensils for commercial kitchens, centered on wire mesh and wire rod products

Since our founding, Three Snow commercial products have been made from orders as small as a single unit to meet the requests of people working in the food production field. Utilizing our many years of know-how in dealing with the food production field, we respond to a variety of requests, including production of regular products, custom-made products, special sizes, and trial production. This includes everything from commercial kitchen utensils that support the unique Japanese food culture of "straining, scooping, deep-frying, and draining water (or hot water)," to tools and equipment that meet the latest equipment and demands, such as modification and streamlining of ingredients and cooking methods.
Uniflame Division
Development of outdoor equipment centered on LPG burning equipment

Founded in 1985 with the philosophy of "creating a unique flame". As a Japanese outdoor goods manufacturer, we continue to create outdoor styles based on the climate and culture of Japan. In a country with an age-old tradition of reverence for nature, we hope to keep the flames burning that bring out the fun in the outdoors.
Energy Division
Development of environmental equipment and new energy technology

In 2009, we started developing renewable energy wood pellet stoves, and we manufacture the hot air fan type pellet stove SS series, which boasts high combustion efficiency, and the radiant heat type RS series. Our pellet stoves, which gradually warm the entire room, have been very well received.

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