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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:42


World-recognized stainless steel manufacturing technology

We are manufacturers of a high-end brand cutlery and an OEM for metal processing. We are pleased to manufacture anything that uses stainless steel, stainless steel + aluminum cladding, aluminum, and iron, regardless of the lot size.

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Production example
The following section introduces some of our stainless steel products, cutlery, stainless steel architectural hardware, medical equipment, and other OEM parts.  

Cutlery (Original brand)
TRIO, Chambly Trio, KAY BOJESEN, and ICHI

Kitchen items
Party coolers, water pots, ice pails, service trays, mugs, coasters, tea strainers, 
tumblers, internally divided pots, hotel pans, and oil strainers

Kitchen equipment
Serving trays, coffee makers, beer servers, and draining baskets

Architectural hardware
φ150 angular ventilation materials, φ100 angular ventilation materials, deep-type ventilation materials, φ75 angular ventilation materials, sleeves for beams, special sleeves, collared sleeves,
shelf braces, air conditioner caps, stainless steel louvre windows, and wall-fitted louvre windows

Trial manufacturing • Single-piece production
Computer covers, car mufflers, lanterns with solar panels, emergency stoves, and toolboxes for truck use

Hanger racks, umbrella stands, file storage, trash boxes, and iPhone covers
Processing technology
Pressing (punching, bending, and forging)
We conduct punching, blanking, drilling, cutting, notching, bending, drawing, molding, forging, and welding of metal sheets and coil-shaped sheets (0.5–10 mm) using 10- to 100-ton presses. 

Sheet metal processing (blanking, preparatory processing, bending, welding, surface treatment, and assembling)
We cut sheet metal with shearing, turret punches, and lasers and craft products through drilling, tapping, bending, welding, grinding, surface treatment, assembling, inspection, and wrapping. 

Cutting (shafts, flanges, bolts, nuts, collars, bosses, pins, and washers)
We use cutting tools to remove unnecessary parts from a single workpiece to specified shapes, dimensions, and surfaces.

Metal lathe processing
This is a processing method wherein a rotating flat- or disk-shaped metal sheet is gradually modified by human power using a lever mechanism.  Although it requires dies and molds, the production of the dies that are needed is relatively cheap, which makes it suitable for high-mix low-volume production.
Although it uses human power, heating enables the processing of stainless steel sheets of 3 mm or less.  

Welding (spot welding, TIG welding, arc welding, and laser welding)

Mirror polishing (buffing, barrel polishing, and belt polishing)

While painting on stainless steel, which we are known for, may seem pointless, using unpainted stainless steel as external building fittings can cause various reflection problems, and it can reduce the gravitas of a building. This means painting stainless steel is becoming more common.
Weather resistance is particularly needed.  Moreover, we offer fluoropolymer coating and IH-compatible treatment of items such as frying pans.  

Special processing (Laser processing and 3D printer)

Die and mold production (production of dies for various press machines and production of various resin dies.)

Chasing is essential for cutlery production. At Tsubame, we have about 10 die and mold chasers for dyeing and molding. 
We select the base chaser depending on the nature of the order, as each one has its own individual style and technique. Prior to chasing, we detail the important factors involved, and we will not start the chasing prior to everything being explained.  It is the most important aspect of cutlery production. 

At our company, we assemble 20–30 parts per item and deliver the resulting products to large companies.  

Management methods from production to shipment.
Our company follows Tsubame Standard Organization (TSO) guidelines in our production, quality control, and shipments.