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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:13

ENTEC Co., Ltd.

Offering simple tableware made of such good materials that make you want to use every day

Entec's products are all manufactured at our plant. Fifty years have passed since our company started producing commercial tableware, and since then, we have made tableware using reliable technology. We have delivered long-selling sealed containers (released in 1982),  various convenient microwaveable containers, and other popular products such as tableware, buckets, and trays to the customers.

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Entec's product lineup
Fifty years have passed since our company started producing commercial tableware. We manufacture the products carefully with reliable technology.
•Pink melamine tableware: You can choose freely from our abundant school tableware items.
•Bouquet series: Colorful flowers look beautiful on the white base. It was created with the feeling of giving a bouquet.
•Peach flower (Momoka) series: Cute pink flower patterns feel warm on the creamy base.
•Japanese flower (Honoka) series: The tableware is covered with round Japanese flowers, conveying the traditional Japanese sense of beauty.
•SIMPLE series: Simple tableware looks great with any ingredients. Our lineup includes so many items.
•Tableware for Kids: The animal patterns will make mealtime more fun.
•Chinese tableware: It shows beautiful traditional pattern expressed by the double-pressing method. The series comes in many variations
•Transparent tableware: Light and hard to break tableware. It is made of transparent resin and has unique texture.
•Polypropylene tableware (reusable tableware): This light, durable, and easy-to-use tableware can be reused.
The High Pack series has been long-selling sealed containers since its release in 1982.
•Oval High Pack with a handle: The oval shaped container has a large handle for ease of carry. Convenient for storing powder, miso, and liquid.
•Square High Pack: Useful as a storage container for cooked side dishes and half-cooked meals. A convenient, transparent container that you can see through.
•Shallow High Pack: Very convenient for preparing fries and preserving noodles, and valued by users.
•Round High Pack: A round-shaped container for ease of use. Many size variations.
•High Pack with a core: Very convenient as it stores the dishes by type. Also useful for storing small goods.
•Duckboard for High Pack: For draining vegetables and thawing fish and meat. It removes unwanted moisture.
Microwaveable container
We have a wide range of convenient microwavable containers.
•Pulse Elec Shapo: Convenient as a table-top hood or cake hood. Microwave-safe.
•Pulse Range container: 
When combined with an optional perforated plate, you can warm up a meat bun and other foods in a microwave oven.
•Range One series: Microwavable with its lid closed. A steamer type is also available.

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