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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:22

HARMO Co., Ltd.

A full-service manufacturer of molding removal robots for plastic injection molding machines and the peripheral equipment for rationalization

As a full-service manufacturer of molding removal robots and peripheral rationalization equipment for plastic injection molding machines, Harmo has established an integrated production system that covers from product development to sales. We have set up operation bases in Japan as well as overseas and distributed products through global marketing. While gathering information and providing technical support to meet customer needs, we built close relationships with the customers. We will capture the advanced and diverse needs such as speed, accuracy, efficiency, and safety in the automation and labor conservation of the production environment, and deliver our products together with a thorough after-sales service.

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Molding removal robots, stocking device, and other peripheral equipment for rationalization
Removal robots
Product example: HRXⅢ-100 to 250Si/Gi series
Because of its optimum design, this series improves removal time and the maximum load capacity. Combined with the addition of high-load capacity type, it will help improve productivity for the customer. 

•Productivity improvement
-The overall rigidity was improved for up to 69% compared to our previous model through frame structure analysis and rebalancing the center of gravity. The model reduces variations at the time of removal and the convergence time. 
-Review on the balance and drive specifications of upper and lower arms, realizing a higher speed by suppressing the torsion of the pull-out frame.
-The removal time was reduced by up to 20%.

•Reduction of setup time
-Total link (entire production cycle, —molding machine, removal robot, and peripheral equipment) was connected to enable configuration, startup, and monitoring simultaneously (interoperable with our peripherals). 
-With the newly designed standard equipment, one-touch chuck, the chuck plate replacement time was significantly reduced (100 to 250 types).

•Reduction of defective rate
-Total link
-Errors are conveyed by various sensors through monitoring (interoperable with our peripheral equipment)
•Cost reduction after introduction
-Easy to program for users (Smart Program) 

•Indication lamps (seven colors) 
-The LED indicators shows the robot status such as “Start,” “Stop,” and “Abnormal,” using seven colors.
-The lamps can indicate the abnormalities of peripheral equipment (when connected via HAL-NET).
-Compatible with long strokes (150 types, for up to 1000 st; 350 types, for 1400 st or lower)
-Addition of high-load capacity model
With the addition of a 12-kg high-load capacity model (150 types, upward/downward transport), you can suppress vibration even with heavy chuck plates (e.g., inserts). 

Note: Our product lineup includes a wide variety of models.
Stocking device
Product example: STP-V01
•A stock system driven by a horizontal/vertical axis inverter motor.
•Priced 16% lower than the previous model.
•Box change interval was reduced from 18 seconds (previous model) to 15 seconds.
•The range of compatible container sizes was expanded to accommodate the user’s container (refer to the machine specifications).
•Electrical components are integrated with electromechanical units to save space.
•Equipped with multi-stage  palletizing function by default.
•It has a three-stage signal tower (red, yellow, green) as a standard feature.
•Japanese / English switching function.
About granulator
Unlike crushers, it has the following features. It is very popular with many users because it cuts sprue neatly into granules.
-Very low powder generation (The blade does not pass through the cut again, which minimizes the generation of heat as well as powder and static electricity.
-Surprisingly few miscuts. (This mechanism cuts minutely to the specified size (closer to the size of virgin material), so almost no miscuts occur (no screen).)
-Low operation sound. (Since it cuts minimally, the operation sound very low.)
-Easy cleaning mechanism. (The anti-static electricity feature prevents it from attracting particles. Also, it is designed considerately to open the large lid downward to reduce cleaning time significantly (five to seven minutes)).
-It works with soft materials. For soft materials that could not be cut, SPC-5 Series, dedicated machines for soft materials can crush them*
*The unit may not cut some materials. Please consult with your nearest sales office.

Product example: GMII-t Series
•When an abnormality occurs, a buzzer will alert you.
•The materials can be replaced easily.
•The inner unit of the mixer can be detached easily without using any tools for disassembly and cleaning.
•There is no agitating blade in the mixing tank because virgin material and shredded material are stored in a mixed state.

There is a wide range of derivative models, including a cartridge type.

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