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Latest update: 13/01/2021 15:35:02

ISGate Co., Ltd.

We contribute to society as a solution-creation company to realize customers’ wishes.

With greater emphasis on human being (body and soul), we contribute to society by creating a company full of dreams, hopes, and motivations.
Holding high aspirations and passions and seeking impressive experiences, we will continue to create our products and provide services.
From now on inspections should have instructions that are comprehensible to everyone.

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Sales Pitch

Introduction of business content and product/technology overview
Business content/features
Established in March 2005, we have received high praise as a development partner of major manufacturers and system integrators for our achievements in developing core systems for financial institutions and government agencies, as well as for the development and maintenance of information systems. In recent years, we have engaged in the sales of products that are friendly to “humans and global environment” as our environmental business.
Since our establishment, we have consistently been engaging in research and development of unique software as our own products, which cannot be created by others.
We have been particularly focusing on the development of systems that assist communication at medical institutions.
(1)	“Clinical Navigator,” which assists medical interviews with the hearing impaired at a clinic.
(2)	“Health Life Passport,” a multilingual medical interview system to help foreign patients with communication at a medical institution.
(3)	“e-Checkup NAVI Series,” a support system for the hearing impaired and foreign patients to receive x-ray examinations
We will continue to contribute to society through the development/sales of software that help people and society by accurately identifying the needs of society.
Overview of main products and technologies
“e-Exam Navi Series (e-Exam Navi and e-Exam Navi PLUS)” is an X-ray examination support system for the hearing-impaired individuals and foreigners, providing instructions and explanations about X-ray examinations.

Instructions and explanations about X-ray examinations are generally provided by doctors and radiological technologists (examiners) to subjects (examinees) through vocal communication. However, instructions and explanations provided only audibly are hard to hear not only for the hearing-impaired but also for the elderly. The same holds true with foreign patients who are unable to fully understand Japanese. On the part of examiners, not being able to fully communicate their instructions and explanations causes anxieties and dilemma, and the reduced work efficiency may cause various problems, including stress. e-Exam Navi and e-Exam Navi PLUS are X-ray examination support systems to solve these issues.

<Visual instructions are easy to understand>
These instructions were previously provided only vocally but are now available not only in text but also in illustrations and animations. As one can understand the information visually as well as through language, the instructions can be communicated easily; therefore, reduced response time can be expected. If the display equipment is mounted on wireless head mount, its design allows one to check the instructions even when lying down. 

<Sign language and multilingual support>
Available in Japanese, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese (seven languages, eight types), in addition to sign language. Instructions presentation can be selected from text, synthetic voice, illustrations, and animations. The examiners can issue optimal instructions on their own, at times of their selection, even in cases where they previously needed interpreters, solving the time lag in instruction and response. Available languages will be steadily added. 

<Ensuring usability and understandability at once>
For example, during an X-ray examination of the stomach, many instructions, such as how to change the body position, how to breathe, and what to watch for, are necessary, which need to be communicated flexibly and at appropriate moments. Thus, matters to be communicated during the examination are colored according to attribution and are represented by pictogram icon. This design enables instinctive and instantaneous operation.  The interface that enables one to communicate instructions for fine adjustments, such as “slightly to the left” when changing body position, is highly valued by examiners. The color universal design is used for the display, which makes it easy to distinguish colors even for patients with imperfect color vision.

<Touch interactions to facilitate understanding. Supporting explanations during the examination>
The tablet allows examinees to self-check items that cannot be examined and learn about the examination details, required time, and things to watch for during the examination. It helps the examination process to run smoothly and the examinees to use the waiting time effectively.
Message from the representative (efforts toward developing future sales channels and intentions toward utilizing J-GoodTech)
By introducing e-Exam Navi, medical institutions can create an environment for those previously not able to take medical examinations to take one in a reassuring way, contributing to an increase in the consultation rate of cancer screening.
We contribute to society by creating systems of group medical checkups for the audibly handicapped and “cancer education” systems. By introducing Japanese X-ray inspection technology and radiography to Asia where the incidence rate of stomach cancer is high, we believe that we can help to improve early case detections of cancers abroad.