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Latest update: 28/01/2020 10:49:17

TOKURA Industries Co., Ltd.

From semiconductors to space: Our technology is for reliable high-purity gas piping.

Our high-purity gas piping equipment division proposes ideas for designing and manufacturing parts and devices based on high-purity gas technology and vacuum technology. We provide support from semiconductor manufacturing devices to general industries, and from the automotive industry to the aerospace industry.

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Technology for manufacturing high-purity gas piping
We weld high-performance pipes having corrosion resistance, degassing properties, pressure resistance, tensile strength, and other properties. This is done by making use of our original technology for automatically welding stainless steel piping and for controlling weld beads, along with other accumulated know-how.
Pipe items
- Prefabricated gas piping for semiconductor devices
- Prefabricated gas piping for space
- Manufacturing and electrolytically polishing vacuum chambers
- Manufacturing vacuum and exhaust piping
Features of processes
[Installing special piping: hyper-processing]
A technology for lowering gas purity to less than 1 ppb at any time (patented).

[Super-clean technology]
All part processing is machined, processed, and manufactured in assembly areas, welding areas, clean benches, and other cleanrooms suitable for the nature of particular tasks.
Manufacturing device design and manufacturing
We apply our expertise to propose one-of-a-kind OEM projects. We address your needs in a continuous manner from design and assembly to software manufacturing, site carrying-in, and launch.
Devices and units
- MO-CVD devices
- Helium inspection equipment
- Ion plating equipment
- CVD devices
- Sputtering machinery
- Supercritical devices
- Ashing equipment
- Oxidizers
- Annealers
- Gas feeders
- Exhausters
- Transfer units
- Vacuum pump units
- Cylinder cabinets
- Cylinder stands

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