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A leading company of small high precision metal sealing parts and fastener parts

Our company is operating, feeling confident that we are a leading company in small size high-precision metal sealing parts and fastener parts. We will strive to meet various needs for high precision parts and high precision small press working parts and supply reliable products in a consistent manner..

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Filling the gaps
One of our high-precision, small-size metal stamping technologies is drawing-based metalworking technology for mass production. This technology, cultivated over many years, has gained a great deal of trust from customers in terms of functionality. One of the essential functions of the powertrain related parts that customers want is the strong sealing for withstanding high pressure. External precision is vital to achieving this, and it is essential to satisfy the specifications in component design at a high level. Failure to do so may result in succumbing to high pressure, losing sealing, and consequently, a severe accident, such as a vehicle fire. We have nurtured the manufacturing technologies and produced and delivered these critical parts for 50 years. We will continue to pursue more advanced technologies.
Connecting the gaps
In recent years, we have received a lot of feedback from customers that wanted specific shapes for design reasons, which were generally difficult with press working. To be more specific, we needed to meet customer needs for high flatness, warpless shear plane, and high-precision drilling. Besides, our works are often attached to heavy-duty sections that are subject to strong forces or high temperatures. To balance between complex shapes and high durability, it was often difficult to meet their needs without discussing the problem, based on our shape proposal from our long years of technical know-how. Based on our solid technical know-how, we will keep working with the customers to achieve their needs.
Working in the gaps
For the last few years, there has been an increasing demand for fuel-efficient engine parts. Recently, we developed functional oil control parts for transmissions, making full use of the bending and welding techniques we have cultivated, in addition to the drawing technology. The self-developed parts were valued highly by customers that mounting it had led to significant improvements in fuel efficiency. We will strive to satisfy the customers based on reliable technology to meet customer needs even more.

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