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Latest update: 28/01/2020 10:49:16

Tanaka Foresight Inc.

One out of every two wearers of glasses use a Tanaka Foresight product. 

Our company has been a product specialist for the past half century since our foundation. We have continuously manufactured various spectacles parts with a focus on glasses pads and pad arms. Our products range from bridges to decoration and cable temples. We enjoy a market share of easily more than 50% in Japan. Our share is so dominant that calculations indicate one out of two glasses produced in Japan uses a product of ours. We were also the first in the world to commercialize pure titanium pad arms, so our excellent originality and technical development abilities are highly acclaimed around the world. The stage for our activities covers Southeast Asia, Europe, the USA, and many other nations worldwide. Our wings are spread throughout the world.

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Sales Pitch

A lineup of various spectacles parts and our company’s expertise
Various spectacles parts
- Nylon front, metal front
- Mt. Manray: These spectacles can be made of monel, high nickel, or titanium.
American trad, neo-classic, New Yorker, L.A. style, British trad, European classic

- Pads
- Special pad (Bon-Plex/P, for cell frames); O'goo-Plex; Titan-core pad; Sericine pad; trinity pad; Air Wavepad; B-plex; Crescent pad; Corn pad; Wave pad
- Nose pad (silicon pad, titanium metal pad, Daki butterfly, color pad, and other variations available.)
- Various other pad arms, bridges, bridges for plastic frames
Other products
- Protective wheels
- Riding bow temples
- Silicon tubes
- Carbide cutters
- Surface coating
- Compounds
- Silver alloy brazing
- Flux
- Pattern material
- Water-soluble cutting oil
- Other: finish-polishing cloth, etc.
Our company’s expertise
- Applying our company’s expertise to other fields
We consider how to make use of the know-how we have cultivated in manufacturing spectacles parts in our expertise for multiple formation of silicon and plastics and titanium processing in various fields. We can satisfy all needs from small-lot production to low-cost mass-production that takes advantage of our works and equipment abroad. Please do not hesitate to consult us.

- Silicon multiple formation
For the past 15 years our company has been producing and selling multiple silicon and plastic molds for spectacles. We now also produce and sell triple-structured molds for silicon composed of metal, hard plastics, and silicon. We have been producing parts in contact with the skin for more than 40 years, and we constantly consider the need for comfort and safety. We have also developed materials including the latest versions of plastics (such as biodegradable polylactic acid, plastic products containing high-quality protein, and optical catalytic coated pads). This is how we are working to address environmental, allergy, and other issues.

- Difficult-to-machine titanium
Our company was the first in the world to manufacture and sell nose parts for titanium spectacles. We excel at extremely small deep drawing of pure titanium and various other types of swaging, pressing, grinding, tapping, boring, pulling, trimming, spot welding, and various other machining practices of round titanium wires (such as pure titanium, beta titanium, and titanium alloy). We have also cleared severe strength tests as spectacles (medical instruments) and cleared all the requirements for products to constantly satisfy customer needs for our products as fashion products.

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