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Latest update: 28/01/2020 10:49:14


We apply our technology for planning, development, and manufacturing to satisfy a wide range of needs.

We conduct all processes from planning to design, manufacturing, and management with an integrated production system. This is how we thoroughly resolve issues with lead time management, cost control, and manufacturing, and emphasize quality improvement. We manufacture titanium frames, along with combination frames, functional frames, and various other frames for spectacles. We have established a design department, so we satisfy a wide range of needs ranging from OEM design to idea production to planning and proposals.

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Sales Pitch

Advanced design and high expertise to create the ultimate in comfort
Innovation for spectacles frames with advanced design and expertise
[Executive series: W Spring]
We created our W Spring in pursuit of the ultimate in comfort. We made this product a reality with brazing accuracy on the order of 0.1 mm by applying our advanced design and with beta titanium, which is considered to be difficult to machine. A newly developed spring structure combined with its design and integrated with the temples has produced the ultimate in comfort.

[Rotor spring system]
Super-elastic wiring and a ceramic ball are passed through the temples to produce a semi-permanent, exquisite spring elasticity.
Luxurious sensation of opening and closing on the temples
[Click rotor hinge]
Repeated opening and closing at the temples when using spectacles frames loosens the hinge screws, resulting in rattle. Our click rotor hinge consists of a spring and a ceramic ball and is designed to apply tension to the temple balls at all times. The corrugated ball part produces uneven tension, thereby producing a click sensation.
About 50,000 and 100,000 opening and closing tests prove that the product maintains opening and closing with a click sensation.
A unique adjustment mechanism for bifocals
[Twin Clear]
Twin Clear is a mechanism developed for wearers of bifocals or other progressive lenses or single-focus reading glasses. Its greatest characteristic is that such glasses allow their wearers to change the inclination angle of the front while wearing them. 
The durability of the suspension has been demonstrated with 100,000 operation tests.

Optical inclination angles can be adjusted according to the motion of the gaze when the wearer looks at something at hand. Through appropriate adjustment, the near-sight field of view 30 cm ahead is expected to expand by about 12.5% from about 105 mm to about 120 mm. 

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