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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:25

Sakai Amiori Co.,Ltd.

SAKAI AMIORI Co., Ltd. develops fabrics and manufactures apparel products 

We manufacture sewn products (manufacturing and selling of various knit goods) and fabrics (manufacturing and selling of various knit fabrics). In addition to our head office factory and the Sabae Factory, there are also the Suzhou Factory (China) and the Vietnam Factory to mass-produce products.

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Description of business
We manufacture sportswear and apparel products made of knit fabrics. We are able to perform the following processes: Planning, cutting, secondary processing, sewing, finishing, and shipment. Our own system is applied to some of the above processes. The combination of the system and our factories in foreign countries minimizes production costs to the utmost limit.
At present, we mainly undertake OEM production for leading sportswear manufacturers. Our responsiveness and performance is highly evaluated by them.
The textile business of SAKAI AMIORI Co., Ltd. allows for the development of fabrics made of materials that meet clients' needs. We are able to develop both natural and synthetic fabrics.
We develop knit fabrics by carrying out warp knitting or circular knitting. We are able to develop various fabrics such as jersey and mesh ones. 
Our fabrics are used for purposes such as sportswear, nursing care, medical care, linings, and materials. We are able to meet the various needs of clients.

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