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Latest update: 07/02/2020 14:03:45


We offer general surface treatment processes including PVD, plating, and electrodeposition coating.

We have established our technologies through surface treatment of glasses frames in our hometown of Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. These technologies are now used for various products such as machines, home appliances, and sporting and leisure goods.

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Surface treatment processes
Ion plating (PVD):
We possess equipment for three methods: electron gun melting ion plating, arc discharge ion plating, and magnetron sputtering. This is why we can easily process wear-resistant coating and alloy coating. We can form highly-adhesive rigid coatings. These are resistant to scratches and abrasion peeling and have good corrosion resistance and weather resistance. The products we can process range from spherical to long objects. We also have a track record in processing non-conductive insulators.
Nanodiamond composite (NDCO) plating:
This is a composite plating coating formed by the uniform dispersion and co-deposition of nanodiamond particles into an electroless nickel coating. This is our independently developed new surface treatment technology that provides good slidability and abrasion resistance. It is generally difficult to obtain composite plating by uniformly co-depositing nanodiamond particles. This is the world’s first technology to uniformly disperse and co-deposit nanodiamond (ND) particles on the order of 10 to 100 nm. (Japanese Patent No. 5435477)
Electrodeposition coating:
We offer anion electrodeposition coatings and cation electrodeposition coatings, and have baths for 20 colors for anion electrodeposition. We can also provide diverse appearances by combining dyeing and spray coating.



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