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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:44

Shirasaki Corporation

Our company is friendly to the earth and people, and it promotes the protection of global resources and the beautification of the landscape.

We have an OA supply business that recycles toner cartridges, whereas our “green up” business plans and sells greening materials such as sheets for weed prevention and planting. Both the “recycling” and “greening” sections of our business are environmentally friendly. 
Our company is a pioneer of weed control sheets in Japan that can shut out weeds and ensure that only the desired plants grow. Our weed control and planting sheets have contributed to the widespread greening of sloped terrain and median strips. 

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Reused Toner Division
Optimize quality for each printing application
Even today, in certain industries, there are many ways to use printing that you cannot print without using genuine toner. To realize the printing cost reduction by utilizing recycled toner even in the printing environment where only genuine toner can be used, we incorporate printing tests for certain industries into the standard development procedure for our products and are performing the development. 
Distribution retail industry (POP, price cards, and POS total printing)
Various financial institutions (teller counter, operation plan proposal, and insurance life plan proposal)
Automobile dealers and repair shops (DM for attracting customers, sales flyers, printing various quotations and itemized lists, and printing insurance certificates)
Home delivery logistics industry (pickup slips, barcode printing, and special label printing)
Medical dispensing pharmacies (printing medicine bags, printing receipts and customer guides, and medical record printing)
Various educational institutions (learning materials, tests, and office printing)
Technology development based on strict numerical control
To maintain quality that is as close as possible to genuine products, we implement thorough quantitative control of the toner, using advanced measuring equipment to assess replacement materials, parts, and printing quality. In particular, the measuring/analyzing equipment detailed below is owned only by our company among recycled toner manufacturers in Japan, and used for product development.

We are making full use of this advanced equipment in the development of a recycled toner cartridge that is suitable for various printer usage environments and which can always perform consistent printing.
Weed control and greenery business
In-house development of weed control sheets adapted to the usage environment
Weeds will grow anywhere, which means the only way to keep them under control is to block the sunlight.  However, these plants have various characteristics such as grass that has strong fertility even when light is blocked and grass that is strong enough to penetrate asphalt. We are absolutely confident about the quality of our sheets as we learn the ecology of weeds that need to be suppressed and have developed sheets that are effective only for specific weeds. 
"Weed problem solving group"
We aim to develop markets that contribute to urban beautification by combining weed control and greening technology with other forms of innovation to go beyond the boundaries of weed control sheets.
New initiatives
Grass parking
1. Reducing the urban heat island phenomenon
Concrete and asphalt store heat from sunlight and also release a large amount of heat back into the environment. 
Lawns have a small amount of heat and only release a small amount of heat through transpiration, which helps to reduce the heat island phenomenon.

2. Contributing to the ratio of green space under the Factory Location Act (converted)
A lawn parking lot can be calculated as green space. It is necessary to secure a 20% green area with a site area of 9000 m2 or more or a building area of 3000 m2 or more.
(In Fukui prefecture, the ratio is set according to the regulations; therefore, 5% of the site is covered. )
* For further information, please see the Factory Location Act page for each prefecture.

3. Air purification
Turf absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen at a rapid rate. A 200-m² lawn, for example, supplies the amount of oxygen consumed by approximately four people. Furthermore, it stagnates or adsorbs dust and heavy metals in the atmosphere. Grass has an accumulative property for heavy metals, and covering the ground surface with lawn helps prevent dust.

4. Improved drainage of rainwater and water storage in soil
It is a highly drainable soil, and the higher the amount used, the higher the drainage compared with asphalt.
Rainwater can be stored in the soil to be used through a soil improver with high water absorption. 
Wildlife damage countermeasures - "Minus sheet" for electric fences only
Weaving electric wires into a weed-proof sheet means that the effect of the electric fence is not compromised.
This weed control sheet is exclusively used to weed-proof electric fences.
A polypropylene sheet under the electric fence prevents weeds and stops them from adhering to the fence and resulting in no leak current.
The sheet itself has a grounding function as the conductor is woven into it.
This reduces the voltage drop that would otherwise be caused by the sheet.
Effective even in places where earthing is difficult.
Electric fences can even have a demonstrable effect when used along roads.
Median method for repairing cracks and joints in waterways.
We will conduct an on-site survey to determine the deterioration and damage status of housing materials and propose appropriate construction.
Our original median self-adhesive sheets can repair cracks and joint gaps using the existing materials that were used to create the waterway in their current condition. This sealing method covers the entire joint, unlike conventional methods, which implies that the effect lasts for a long time. The median method is a new way of regenerating waterways that can reduce the required time and scale of construction. 

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