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Providing the society with solutions and services to connect sites and/or people

We provide IT consulting and application planning and development for the construction industry. We thoroughly investigate and analyze on-site work flows and current issues to propose the most suitable countermeasures for your organization.

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System developed in-house that supports business
Labor safety management system
Efficient cost reductions can be made by reviewing the calculation for workers’ accident insurance premiums.

It is possible to reduce the worker’s accident insurance premiums by approximately 50% by changing from the “deemed wage” to the “real wage” calculation method.

Comtex’s unique entrance / exit management systems make it possible to calculate a worker’s exact "real wage", enabling the efficient cost reduction.
An IT tool that builds new work styles and trust with suppliers and customers!

Utilize site-specific functions in a cloud environment. Compatible with multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Various information about the site can be viewed and shared anytime, anywhere, and from any device, as it is managed in a could environment. Furthermore, we have a well-balanced set of required functionality for on-site management with an emphasis on the talk function, which is the core of all communication. This makes our product perfectly suited for housing companies, builders, and construction companies who want to implement more IT but do not want to spend much money or those who want to trial new systems.
Residential history management system
A “home record” that can be stored electronically for many years

Add value to a home with a “residential record”
A residential record is needed to revitalize the market for quality second-hand homes in our society, in which homes are seen as disposable items.
However, recording all the information from the start of construction to its completion and recording the postcompletion maintenance history requires a great deal of effort.
Comtex's “residential history management system” simply registers the information that should be included in a housing resume in a designated location. Digitalization allows the information to be stored for many years and enables the easy transfer of the data to the next owner of the house. 

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