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Latest update: 17/04/2020 16:54:17

FOMM Corporation

Creating a new world with the world's smallest four-seater electric vehicle

Through the development of electric vehicles, we have obtained many patents, including a manual accelerator operation system for preventing misstepping accidents and anti-flood design that allows floating and moving on the water in the event of a flood. We have released the world's smallest four-seater mobility, FOMM One, using the in-wheel motor-based drive design technology and the package design technology suitable for small mobility.

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Developing a micro-electric vehicles business targeting the world markets
FOMM One — an electric vehicle that floats on water
FOMM has planned and developed mobility through original electric vehicle technology and compact vehicle design techniques, and in 2014, our company successfully developed the world's smallest 4-seater compact vehicle. With strengths in drive design technology mainly in the in-wheel motor, and the package design technology suitable for compact mobility, we have realized a comfortable space even for four people despite its ultra-compact size. Also, we have patented multiple distinctive technologies, including; (1) a new “steering accelerator” operating system that prevents accidents caused by misstepping on the accelerator and the brake, and (2) structural design that allows floating and moving on the water surface during an emergency in flood-prone areas.
Five distinctive technologies of FOMM One
•Swapping Battery System
Equipped with a replaceable cassette battery. In addition to regular charging at home, you can replace the batteries at dedicated stations.

•Steering Accelerator System
It features a new operating system to operate the accelerator by hand. The system prevents accidents caused by misstepping the accelerator and the brake.

•In-wheel Motor System
The system excels not only in acceleration but also in the car's space efficiency. It helps to reduce vehicle size while reducing the number of parts. 

•Battery Cloud
Battery Cloud offers accessible power supply infrastructure (battery replacement plus charging at home) and supports long-distance travel with the replacement stands. IoT allows the users to access the information services they want while driving.

FOMM One is designed with an anti-flood concept that allows floating and moving on the water in the event of flood*.
*The function is for emergency only and cannot be used as amphibious. Maintenance is required after floating.
Exploring new possibilities with original, innovative technology
FOMM stands for First One Mile Mobility. We want to develop mobility for short-distance travel, such as within a one-mile radius from home, for example, to and from a train station or a car share parking. We named the company wanting to create something that the customers can feel close to and to suggest new ways to use cars. 

•Small electric vehicle development
We develop small electric vehicles with low environmental impact according to the region and usage.

•Mobility Infrastructure System
We developed Battery Cloud for integrated management of various information related to mobility on the cloud. It realizes effective battery management and consistent service availability.

Our company has Micro-Fab — a small-scale production plant suitable for mass production of small electric vehicles. We offer a mobility industry itself to the world, contributing to the economic development in the regions.

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