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Towards the future of packing with planet-friendly corrugated cardboard.

In addition to corrugated cardboard boxes for transport, we supply products in the form of raw materials, aiming to spread corrugated cardboard products that enjoy the highest recycling rates. With planet-friendly corrugated cardboard that produces little industrial waste, we offer the future of packing. Honeyrial Board, which we have developed in-house, has been delivered for a wide range of applications, such as panel assembly ER in the case of a disaster, soundproofing, and furniture.

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We offer the future of packing.
What is Honeyrial Board?
In 1949, the honeycomb structure was adopted as a structure for U.S. military aircraft and has been developed in the aviation industry with the aim of achieving both lightness and strength.

The structure then was made of paper to bring about environmentally-friendly paper honeycomb corrugated cardboard. 

Structurally, paper honeycomb corrugated cardboard is particularly strong under vertical pressure. When 30 mm thick, it achieves a withstand load of 30,000 kgf/m2 (under an equally distributed load). Kanda Package calls this paper honeycomb corrugated cardboard "Honeyrial Board" and has been developing various products.

*Honeyrial = honeycomb + material

Honeyrial Board is one of a kind, with an advantage in quality, lead time, and pricing. We provide the world with this eco-friendly product ahead of the times.

- Flame-retardancy performance
The Honeycomb Board (flame-retardant) was certified on June 11, 2013 in a flame-retardant product performance test as per the Flame-Retardancy Performance Standards set forth in Article 4-3-4 of the Enforcing Ordinance for the Fire Service Act at a non-profit foundation administered by the Prime Minister.
Idea + Honeyrial = limitless possibilities
Although it is made only of corrugated cardboard, Honeyrial Board is water-resistant, chemical-resistant, soundproof, heat-insulating, highly strong, and flame-retardant, and it can be used for various purposes, ranging from furnishings to soundproof boxes, heat-insulated stores, and other equipment. It is only limited by the ideas that one can come up with about how to use it.

[Panel-assembled emergency rooms]
Panel-assembled emergency rooms provide spaces in which to provide medical treatment in times of disaster where numerous people have become diseased or injured and the roads are disconnected, or, in other words, in an emergency. At the time of the Kumamoto earthquake that occurred in April 2016, our product was used as a care unit, dressing room, and nursing room in Ujo-shi, Kumamoto Prefecture. 
Assemblable in a quarter of an hour without tools, these disaster-use emergency rooms can be assembled in locations close to disaster areas to enable advanced medical treatment that wasn’t possible before.

This product has been developed as a soundproof chamber where you can enjoy karaoke without having to worry about the noise that you make at home. Dambocchi is an assembly of soundproof, specially assembled, and durable corrugated cardboard panels of a honeycomb structure (a structure with hexagonal cores arranged in a honeycomb-like pattern). It was launched on the market in 2014.
To develop reliable boxes, we continue with our technical innovations.
Centering on the manufacture of corrugated cardboard cases, where the protective abilities of the product comes before everything else, our packing technology comes up with "forms" of functional packages. With our outstanding abilities of planning with compact, foldable boxes, user-friendly boxes, and other cases, our conceptualization of box designs, our preparation of samples and various testing apparatuses for testing their strengths and other characteristics, along with our diverse systems that focus on customers and our production of reliable cases, our high-quality corrugated cardboard cases enjoy customer confidence.

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