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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:03

NEXTure Co., Ltd.

We are good at dealing with Phytoncide products the ingredients of which are all natural.

We deal with safe products that are made from natural ingredients and friendly to humans, animals, as well as the environment. In particular, Phytoncide solutions co-developed with universities are proven to have effects of virus inactivation, deodorization, and relaxation.

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Phytoncide products made from all-natural ingredients
"Fletemo", a Phytoncide disinfectant spray made from ingredients extracted from trees
"Fletemo" is our original brand. 
[Product outline]
Product name: "Fletemo", a Phytoncide disinfectant spray made from ingredients extracted from trees
Raw materials: Plant essence extracted from trees in Japan (Phytoncide ingredients) and purified water
Interior capacity: 200 ml
Suggested retail price: \1,680 (not including consumption tax)
"Fletemo" is a disinfectant spray developed under the concept of "achieving safety even if it comes in contact with the skin." It is made from all-natural ingredients extracted from plants. Therefore, it is a disinfectant spray that can safely be used for people ranging from children to elderly people. 
Usage examples: 
Installing it at the entrance of a house or shop
Spraying it onto parts touched by humans
Spraying it onto washed laundry or onto clothes which you are wearing when you return home
Spraying it  around the kitchen area or onto food waste
Spraying it onto the toilet seat
Spraying it onto the inner and outer side of a mask
Spraying it onto the bed, and so on
Phytoncide ingredients which slightly smell like trees not only have disinfection and deodorant effects, but also make you relax, becoming the best partner for a comfortable living space. 
*Please feel free to contact us for the details of the disinfectant, deodorant, and relaxation effects.
Spray containing ingredients of Japanese trees  
"Fletemo" contains Phytoncide essence extracted from 17 types of trees in Japan (ginkgo nuts, camphor trees, persimmon trees, white birches, nandina, Japanese cypresses, eriobotryae, pine trees, eucalyptus trees, tea trees, maple trees, etc.).  
The essence is extracted from forest thinnings; therefore, "Fletemo" is an eco-friendly spray. 
At a job assistance facility (welfare facility) in Aichi Prefecture where our company is located, "Fletemo" is put into containers and labels are attached to them to become finished products.
Phyton Air
Phyton Air is a device dedicated to atomizing a Phytoncide solution with ultrasound and dispersing the atomized solution in the surrounding space. 
Since the Phytoncide solution is proven to have the effects of disinfection, deodorization, and relaxation, Phyton Air is expected to bring about the aforesaid effects when used in places where people gather such as nursing care facilities, kindergartens, restaurants, and schools.
We offer two types of Phyton Air: One for a 20-tatami (up to 43-tatami) room and the other, a mini type, for a 6-tatami room.  
Both types require the installation of a dedicated Phytoncide solution cartridge before use. 
Phyton Air has acquired an Eco-Style Product certification issued by the Sleep Support Business of Kyoto Prefecture. One cartridge lasts for about one month when Phyton Air is used 8 hours a day.
We started offering a free rental plan for the Phyton Air device in 2017.




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