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Latest update: 02/06/2020 15:39:42

Sanken Sangyo Co., Ltd.

We have the largest market share in Japan for aluminum melting equipment for producing automobile parts.

We run a plant engineering and maintenance business that has melting furnaces (medium/large class) that are necessary for manufacturing aluminum castings, and we perform planning, designing, manufacturing management, installation instruction, and maintenance of industrial furnaces for the automobile and steel industries.
Since we were established, we have delivered a number of products in heating and heat treatment furnace fields that are needed in manufacturing large cast and forged steel products. 
Both of our equipment have excellent performance features of energy-saving, resource-saving, and labor-saving.
Sanken Sangyo’s “can to can” recycling technology plays a part in our recycling-oriented society.

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Main products (aluminum field)
In manufacturing aluminum products, we propose the latest technology in many processes such as melting, holding, heat treatment, recycling of chips, and UBC.
[Melting materials]
We propose equipment for melting and processing various aluminum raw materials with high yield.
[Melting processes and various melting furnaces]
Tower-type melting furnace, immersion type melting furnace, reflection type melting furnace, combined melting furnace combining tower type melting furnace and immersion type chip melting furnace, melting material, melting capacity, and melting furnace most suitable for customer's needs I will propose.
Our aluminum melting furnace employs highly wear-resistant refractory materials and highly functional refractory materials resistant to aluminum oxide adhesion (obtained exclusive domestic sales rights) and makes it possible for a maintenance cycle more than double of that of conventional products.

[Holding process/machine side holding furnace and machine side melting and holding furnace]
Our energy-saving holding furnaces maintain the molten metal temperatures at the optimum level on the casting machine side. There are self-curative permeation burner type and high-efficiency heater type (top lid installation type/under heater type). We conducted our own research and development for the composition of furnace materials and the construction methods and have improved heat insulation. In particular, we propose the electrothermal melting and holding furnace (S-MIC) as our latest model equipped with a melting function with all electrification.
Main products (steel field)
[Forging heating furnace for large steel ingots]
Our truck-type forge heating furnace is an energy-saving equipment having minimal heat loss owing to the anhydrous furnace structure that does not use cooling water and the mechanical seal mechanism that seals the opening. Furthermore, the multiport roof regenerative burner exhibits excellent uniform heating performance.  In addition, we have achieved power saving and low NOx emission by incorporating many unique technologies, such as individual flow rate controls. We are proud of our track record in delivering many large furnaces, including the world’s largest heating furnace, which heats 650-t of steel ingots.

[Divided vertical heat treatment furnace]
Our original split type vertical heat treatment furnace has been developed by reviewing the furnace structure, sealing mechanism, heater and temperature control system from the origin to achieve both the characteristics of the vertical furnace and the advantages of the split method. We have many results from small- to large-scale in Japan and overseas. The advantage of the split type is that the workpiece can be horizontally moved; therefore, there is no need for the deep pits or high-lift overhead cranes that are needed in conventional methods. Work safety is also improved.

[Furnace body movable heat treatment furnace]
We have developed a movable a furnace body movable heat treatment furnace. This furnace body movable type furnace significantly reduces the base cost and the trolley repair cost and improves the workability and safety when loading workpieces. It produces many advantages such as improving product yield by reducing workpiece deformation during heat treatment. 

In addition to adopting a burner with a built-in recuperator for our batch-type heat treatment furnace, we have realized a regenerative burner, which was difficult to adopt in heat treatment furnaces in the mid-low temperature range, by developing a new combustion control system. We have achieved a significant energy-saving effect. 

[Coiler furnace]
The coiler furnace is an equipment that winds high-temperature stainless steel sheet during rolling with a Sketter mill at high speed to heat and maintain the temperature. This is one of our unique products. Equipped with an exhaust heat recovery system with recuperator and a low-NOx burner as the standard.

[Non-oxidizing heating furnace for special steel rolling]
A non-oxidizing heating furnace for use in rolling special alloy steels such as Ni alloy. By adopting our special hearth roller, developed in-house by our company, we can heat workpieces up to a maximum ambient temperature of 1,300°C. Workpiece is of a maximum width of 1,350 mm, thickness of 200 mm, and length of 12 m.

[Continuous heating furnace]
Our company supplies various continuous heating furnaces, including walking-beam type, walking-hearth type, pusher type and rotary-hearth type furnaces to the iron and steel and non-ferrous industries. We have developed in technical partnership with Chugai Furnace Industry Co., Ltd. regarding our large-sized walking beam type continuous heating furnace.
Adoption of regenerative burners are common in recent years; however, our company has adopted the latest control systems in our models, such as individual flow control for regenerative burners, and they have received high praise from our customers for their energy conservation and improved productivity.

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