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Latest update: 21/12/2022 13:49:36

Hatakeda Coating Co., Ltd.

Please entrust us with resin coating.

We specialize in resin coating. Our company, located in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, is a specialist in polyethylene powder coating, nylon powder coating, vinyl chloride sol coating, and powder coating for automotive parts and other industrial applications.  

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Types and characteristics of coating
Polyethylene coating (fluidizing coating)
Compared with painting, polyethylene coating results in thick films that are soft to touch and emit a warm atmosphere. 
In addition, polyethylene coating shows its true value for the coating of irregularly shaped base materials with a sharp edge, especially the coating of wire netting products. 
We are able to coat steel mesh fences, and an area to be coated at one time is approx. 2 m (H) X 2 m (W). As a result, polyethylene coating is one of our flagship services.
Fences, bathtub handrails, kitchen sinks, shelves, baskets, insertion fittings for resin tanks, metal fittings, laundry pole supports, display racks, interior racks, racks for furniture, storage baskets, mailboxes, etc.
Nylon coating (contactless coating & fluidizing coating)
Nylon coating excels in abrasion resistance, seawater resistance, outdoor weather resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, shock resistance, and electric insulation. 
The coating is harmless and has a good texture, and one of its characteristics is resin viscosity, which enables thick coating. 
Automotive parts, fittings, poles for supporting signboards, aluminum sash parts, springs, hooks, etc.
Vinyl chloride sol coating
Products coated with vinyl chloride sol are elastic as if they were rubber products. Since vinyl chloride sol has excellent mold release characteristics, cap type products can easily be produced by it, and it enables thick coating (5 mm).
Vinyl chroride sol coating has excellent weather resistance, electrical insulation, and chemical resistance. It is widely applied to insulating parts of electrical equipment, steel towers, and utility poles.  
Terminal caps, contact covers, contact caps, automotive parts, garden supplies, plating jigs, jigs for chemical cleaning, grips of wrenches, handles, nippers, and other products     
Powder coating
Powder coating is a coating method which uses powder paint (composed of only solids) but does not use any solvent such as an organic solvent or water. Therefore, unlike painting for which a solvent is used, powder coating can solve many problems such as inflammability (hazardous materials), odor poisoning (safety and health), and air pollution (environmental pollution). 
Powder coating which does not use any solvent can solve defects caused by solvents which may be generated during the formation of coating films, as specified below.
-Dripping off, color separation, foaming, pin holes, and disordered surfaces-
Furthermore, thanks to the properties of powder coating, thick coating can easily be achieved, and melt viscosity is high during baking. Accordingly, powder coating excels in edge covering properties, overall covering, and so on, and coating films formed by this method deliver excellent performance.  
Joints, piping equipment, playground equipment, handrail fittings for bathtubs, farm equipment, gutter bracket metal fittings, interior/exterior products, heavy machinery parts, garden supplies, etc.

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