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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:44

Tonami Shoten Co.,Ltd.

Developing and producing metal tableware that does not crack and can be repainted

By making full use of sophisticated casting technology and traditional decorating techniques, we produce safe and secure products on which heat-resistant paint conforming to the Food Sanitation Act is applied multiple times (lamination coating) and which reproduce the deep texture and tones of ceramics. 
We plan, produce, and sell aluminum tableware, pots, rice cookers, and electromagnetic cooking stove pots/rice cookers that display the logo mark of TKM (meaning craftsmanship). We also plan, produce, and sell "Almic" as well as "Utsuwa-Musubi" that are sustainable, are crack-resistant, and can be repainted.

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Sales Pitch

Introducing our technologies
Specialist in metal tableware
Since we are a specialist in metal tableware, we design products by considering the difficulty of casting, the cost for mass-production, and the convenience of customers and restaurant staff who use the tableware. Furthermore, since we know the manufacturing processes very well, we are able to rework, repair, or reproduce such tableware.
Reworking, repairing, or reproducing 
Metal products do not break. However, during long years of use, their paint peels off, they discolor, or holes are formed in them due to corrosion. We repair or reproduce such metal products by utilizing our craftsmen's skills that have been nurtured for many years. We are able to repair or reproduce other companies' products.
Sophisticated casting technology
For customers to use our products for a long period of time, we select and cast aluminum alloy which is inferior in castability but hardly rusts and has high corrosion resistance.

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