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Latest update: 10/11/2017 02:07:59

Tohkoh Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our products protect the inside of houses from moisture and high temperature, and therefore are indispensable for maintaining the strength of the roofs and walls of wooden houses. Our ridge ventilators are made of metal, and therefore are highly fireproof. In addition to tests by third-party institutions, we conduct severe watertight tests, smoke exhaust tests, etc., at 30 m/s wind velocity and 4 L/min with a large blower as is used in the Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials, etc. We give the highest importance to quality in manufacturing and providing products. 

[Business description]
We mainly handle ridge ventilation using, in particular, metal materials. We plan, develop, manufacture and sell house external facing materials, such as sill throating. We also wholesale other general building materials. 

Manufacturing and sales 

[Representative's message]
We will grasp the diverse market needs and promote technical cooperation to manufacture higher value-added products. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We have endeavored to strengthen our position in the Kansai district since our company was founded, and opened a sales base in the Kanto district about 30 years ago. We have since achieved successful results in the Kanto district, and plan to open a Kanto plant in 2018. We are working to establish a system for improving our services and meeting customer needs. We are also establishing a system for technical development and mass production. We will work with other companies dedicated to sheet-metal working.

[Awards and media coverage]
Good Design Award 2013, additional award for i-ROOF series and Katanagare Sokai; Kansai Monozukuri Shinsen award for Katanagare Sokai 

Nikkei Home Builder; Nihon Jutaku Shimbun; Japan Forest Products Journal; Shinken Housing 

27 Sanso Joyo No. 2-221 for metal roof waterproofing test; 25 Sanso Joyo No. 2-76 for decorative slate roof waterproofing test (Katanagare Sokai); 24 Sanso Joyo No. 2-35 for waterproofing test (standard execution test) for i_x001E_ROOF; and many other certifications 

[Intellectual property]
Japanese Design Registration No. 1528067, Japanese Patent Registration No. 5977396 (Katanagare Sokai) 
Japanese Utility Model Registration No. 3170580 (i-ROOF) 
Japanese Patent Registration No. 4651572 (Soyokaze) 
Japanese Patent Registration No. 3583111 (Yuga) 
Japanese Patent Registration No. 5235339 (Air Fresh) 
We have many other patents, etc. 

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