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Nihon Shinkan Co., Ltd.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We have extensive knowledge and experience as an aluminum specialist manufacturer. Our strengths also include a fully integrated production system covering every stage from primary processing to creation of parts for aluminum products and the capability of providing proposals that consider operational efficiency. Drawn aluminum products are less vulnerable to post-treatment deformation and are excellent in roundness. Therefore, they do not pose any problems in post processes such as cutting. We also conduct special drawing, such as irregular-shaped drawing or clad (composite) drawing. Our machining equipment includes cutting machines such as lathes and machine tools as well as presses and benders.

[Business description]
We manufacture aluminum drawn tubes and bars, manufacture and process aluminum parts, and conduct alumite (surface) treatment, with aluminum drawing as our core technology. Aluminum pipes and parts are commonly used in various scenes by a wide range of industries. We take pride in being a specialist manufacturer dedicated to aluminum drawing. For example, external pipes that we developed in-house were used in the Deep Ice Coring Project of the National Institute of Polar Research. In addition to Japan, we have also provided technical guidance to the UK since 1994, and have acquired patents in three countries. We also operate in foreign countries.

Manufacturing (aluminum products)

[Representative's message]
Our slogan is “Aim to be a small world-class company.” To begin with, we will make ourselves known as a specialist manufacturer featuring high-precision aluminum processing technology as our core strength. Then, we hope to receive many questions and inquiries such as “Can you make such-and-such products?” or “Can aluminum materials be used for such applications or in such situations?” We look forward to meeting companies that support the manufacturing culture of Japan and will work together with us to expand the potential of aluminum materials.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Aluminum pipes and parts will be increasingly used in and outside Japan. With this in mind, we believe that making our technology and products known to the general public and industries will be effective for finding potential customers or product needs and exploring new sales channels. To be specific, we will promote our employees’ awareness, strengthen our marketing capabilities, and win new projects and new customers. We intend to operate internationally using an affiliated company established in Thailand and our overseas network covering the UK, USA, and Germany.

[Awards and media coverage]
We received the Technical Recommendation Award (for development and production of external pipes for drills to excavate ice floors in the Antarctic) from the Japan Aluminum Association.

ISO 9002:1994
ISO 14001:1996 and 2004
ISO 9001:2000
OHSAS 18001:1999

[Intellectual property]
Patents acquired in the UK, USA, and Germany (Fully automatic line for copy drums)

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